If you're looking for a new woodworking project try one of our video workshops. These are complete, online courses taught by some of the best woodworkers in the country, and include companion articles, project plans, and step-by-step video instruction.

And be sure to check out our video series Getting Started in Woodworking, which features essential instruction in using tools, choosing lumber, sharpening, and more. Plus, follow along as we build a basic workbench, a classic bookcase, a cutting board, and a small elegant box.


Veneered Boxes with a Twist

Veneered Boxes with a Twist

with Adrian Ferrazzutti

Learn how to build beautiful boxes sporting intricate geometric veneer patterns. Despite their complex appearance, Ferrazzutti's veneered boxes rely on simple glue-up and resawing techniques that work together to make boxes graced by dazzling stripes.

Country Pine Hutch

Country Pine Hutch

with Andrew Hunter

Hand tool expert Andrew Hunter shows you how to build a beautiful pine display hutch without the help of a single power tool. Learn classic hand tool techniques in this step-by-step video series.

Garden Chair

Garden Chair

with Michael C. Fortune

Wood-bending master Michael C. Fortune shows you how to build a beautiful garden chair with classy curves.

Federal Side Table

Federal Side Table

with Steve Latta

Master craftsman Steve Latta demystifies a variety of techniques as he demonstrates how to construct a Federal Side Table chock-full of period details.

Arts & Crafts Glass-Front Cabinet

Arts & Crafts Glass-Front Cabinet

with Michael Pekovich

From the through-mortise-and-tenons to the leaded-glass panel there's lots to explore in this technique-packed Video Workshop.

bowfront wall cabinet

Workbench with Built-in Storage

with Philip C. Lowe

Philip C. Lowe shows you step-by-step, how to build the very same workbench that has served him for over 40 years. Its relatively small size means a craftsman can reach a workpiece resting on its top from all four sides—but don’t let its small footprint fool you. Down below, this bench is packed with plenty of storage for your favorite tools.

bowfront wall cabinet

Bowfront Wall Cabinet

with Matt Kenney

Learn how to build this bowfront wall cabinet with step-by-step instructions on vacuum press techniques, working with curved furniture parts, veneering tips, and much more.

bookrack Arts and Crafts Book Rack

with Gregory Paolini

Learn how to build this Stickley-inspired book rack with step-by-step instructions on template routing techniques, through-tenons, book-matched end panels, and much more.



Tablesaw Techniques

with Marc Adams

Master the tablesaw with a woodworking legend and gain insights on everything from safety, ripping, and crosscutting—to joinery, sleds, and more.



The Not-So-Big Workbench
with Ed Pirnik
Learn how to build a traditional cabinetmaker's workbench that's sized for smaller home workshops.

 hall table

Hanging Tool Cabinet
with Michael Pekovich
This traditional hanging tool cabinet features dovetailed casework and loads of versatile tool storage solutions.

hall table

Asian-Inspired Hall Table
with Timothy Rousseau
This elegant hall table features graceful curves and exposed joinery with a distinctly Eastern flair.

coffee table

Arts and Crafts Coffee Table
with Gregory Paolini
Learn how to build a beautiful oak coffee table in the Arts & Crafts style while mastering useful techniques for cutting mortises and tenons.


Dovetail Techniques
with Stephen Hammer
Stephen Hammer demonstrates a variety of ways to cut beautiful, strong dovetail joinery.

 chimney cupboard

Shaker Chimney Cupboard
with Michael Pekovich
Inspired by traditional Shaker designs and joinery methods, this narrow chimney cupboard features dovetailed drawers, frame-and-panel doors, and a simple finish that makes cherry glow. 
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router table

Router Table
with Matt Kenney
Matt Kenney shows you how to build a sturdy, versatile router table that's a must-have for your workshop.
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Elegant Side Table
with Garrett Hack
Garrett Hack demonstrates how to build an elegant side table with a spinning drawer.
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Stowe box

Basic Box-Making
with Doug Stowe
Doug Stowe demonstrates a variety of basic box-making techniques that can hone the skills of any woodworker.


Guitar-Building Basics
with George Vondriska
See every step of a guitar project that walks you through the entire kit-buidling process.


Build a Hayrake Table
with Michael Pekovich
Inspired by the English arts & crafts movement, this dining table features beautiful angled mortise-and-tenon joinery on its signature hayrake stretcher system.
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Build a Classic Cherry Bookcase
with Jeff Miller
Craft a beautiful bookcase featuring dovetail construction, hand-crafted crown molding and an ingenious wooden shelf standard system.
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Building Picture Frames
with Mark Schofield
Build a specialized tablesaw sled that yields picture-perfect miters. Then, use it to craft two beautiful frames.
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Build a Hybrid Roubo Workbench
with John Tetreault
Build an heirloom-quality workbench of reclaimed chestnut and maple.
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Build an Entertainment Center

Build an Entertainment Center
with Anatole Burkin
Craft a sleek console for your flat-screen TV.

Two Ways to Make a Box

Two Ways to Make a Box
with Matt Kenney
Craft a mitered box or learn a unique twist on the dovetail joint.

Make a Cabriole Leg Make a Cabriole Leg
with Philip C. Lowe
How to carve and turn this quintessential Queen Anne element.
Make a Sheraton-Style Leg

Craft a Sheraton-Style Leg
with Philip C. Lowe
Get an expert demonstration on turning this leg and carving elegant reeds.

Carve a Flame Finial

Carve a Flame Finial
with Philip C. Lowe 
A seemingly daunting carving is broken into a series of manageable steps.

Build a Small Cabinet

Build a Small Tool Cabinet
with Garrett Hack
Learn how to build a hanging cabinet perfect for your favorite hand tools or collectibles.

Build a Mission-Style Bed

Build a Mission-Style Bed
with Matt Berger
Make an Arts and Crafts bed with step-by-step video instructions and learn smart shop tips for saving money and time.

Garden bench Garden Bench

Build a Garden Bench
with Matt Kenney

Learn how to build this garden bench with step-by-step video instruction from a Fine Woodworking editor, Matt Kenney.

Morris Chair Bow-arm Morris chair
with Gregory Paolini
This comfortable recliner features sturdy mortise-and-tenon joinery and striking quartersawn grain. Don't miss Paolini's smart method for laminating the bow arms.

Official Honoree

Small cabinet project
with Tim Rousseau
This frame-and-panel cabinet would fit perfectly as a nightstand or end table in your house. Rousseau guides you through each step of construction and building this piece serves as a great introduction to case work using a variety of joints including mortise-and-tenons well as dovetails. 

Apr. 14, 2009--This video series was named an Official Honoree for the 13th Annual Webby Awards in the How-To and DIY Online Film and Video category


Build a Monster Workbench
with Matt Kenney
Build a massive, maple workbench from start to finish with expert instruction from a Fine Woodworking editor.

Build an Entertainment Center
with Marc Spagnuolo
Build a plywood entertainment center with basic woodworking tools in this video workshop with Marc Spagnuolo, host of the The Wood Whisperer video podcast.

Build Small Step Stool
with Tom McKenna
Learn how to build this small step stool with step-by-step video instruction from Fine Woodworking editor, Tom McKenna. More than 30 minutes of video how-to instruction for mortising, tenoning, pattern-routing, and tapering at the tablesaw.

Bookcase Video Project

One bookcase, two looks
with Phil Lowe
See how to make a basic bookcase and then get two options for the base. The basic case has a flat-bracket base, with simple curves cut on the bandsaw. Or, you can substitute an ogee bracket foot.

Round table
with Gary Rogowski
This elegant round side table is made with mortise-and-tenon and half-lap joints. The edge of the top is inlaid with decorative square pegs. Rogowski, the founder and director of the Northwest Woodworking Studio, shows how to use a bandsaw not only to cut the top but also to cut the bridle joints at the top of each leg.

Hanging wall cabinet
with Mario Rodriguez
This simple, functional cabinet utilizes several types of joinery: dovetails, mortise-and-tenon, dadoes, biscuits. In more than 30 minutes of video, Rodriguez shows how to use router jigs to make the joints for the drawer and the door frame and how to assemble the case with biscuits.
Multidrawer cabinet
with Chris Gochnour
Gochnour shows an easy way to make the drawers, using joints cut on the tablesaw. But if you want to take this cabinet to a higher level, you can make dovetailed drawers. Gochnour shows you how to lay out and cut precise half-blind and through-dovetail joints.
Elegant dining chair
with Matthew Teague
An ambitious project for anyone with at least intermediate woodworking skills. In more than an hour of video instruction, Teague demystifies the chairmaking process, showing how to lay out curves and joinery in a full-size drawing and how to use loose-tenon joinery to simplify construction.