Build a Hybrid Roubo Workbench

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Introduction: Build a Hybrid Roubo Workbench

Follow along as Fine Woodworking's John Tetreault builds a hybrid Roubo workbench with a timber-frame soul.

1. Scaled-Up Mortises

Learn how to scale-up your joinery skills for some super-sized tenons in episode one of the Hybrid Roubo Workbench.

2. Three Types of Tenons

Learn how to craft three distinct tenon styles: stopped tenons, wedged through tenons, and a beautiful dovetailed tenon that brings your workbench leg assemblies together with a tight-fitting wedge.

3. Base Assembly and Glue-Up

The workbench begins to take shape as the leg assemblies are glued together and the dovetailed mortise and tenon joinery is test-fit.

4. A Flat and Stable Top - Part I

Learn how to tackle a large-scale top with slow-setting glue, plenty of patience, and an army of clamps. It's the latest video in our series on building a Roubo-style workbench.

5. A Flat and Stable Top - Part II

Learn how to use templates to rout perfect mortises as the hybrid Roubo workbench base is finaly joined to its maple bench top.

6.Vises and Accessories

Learn the basics of bench vise installation, plus, how to construct your own vise handle, bench dogs, and a sliding deadman that's great for supporting long stock.

7. Final Flattening and Final Thoughts

John Tetreault uses handplanes to perform the final flattening of the Hybrid Roubo Workbench top before moving into his home shop.

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