Arts and Crafts Glass-Front Cabinet

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Introduction: Arts & Crafts Glass-Front Cabinet

Mike Pekovich gives an overview of what's in store for the Arts & Crafts Glass-Front Cabinet video series. From the through-mortise-and-tenons to the leaded-glass panel there's lots to explore in this technique-packed Video Workshop.

Episode 1: Case Parts and Mortises

Proper lumber selection is key for a perfect cabinet. Learn how to select the right lumber for an authentic Arts and Crafts look. Plus, lessons on how to cut blowout-free mortises.

Episode 2: Tenons and Cross-Member Pieces

Learn how to tackle the cabinet’s beautiful through-tenons with simple tricks on getting tight-fitting joints.

Episode 3: Case Details and Glue-Up

Refine the cabinet with subtle curves and chamfered tenons. Then, learn the proper way to glue up through-mortise-and-tenon joints.

Episode 4: Building the Drawer

Learn how to create the half-blind dovetail look with easier through-dovetails and a false front.

Episode 5: Making the Door Frame

Learn how to craft a solid mortise-and-tenon door frame with a built-in rabbet that will hold the beautiful leaded glass panel.

Episode 6: An Authentic Finish

Learn how to create the classic Arts and Crafts look by fuming your furniture with ammonia and protecting it with a tried-and-true wiping varnish.

Episode 7: A Leaded Glass Panel

With all of the woodworking complete, it’s time to make and install a traditional leaded glass panel for the door and finish up by installing hardware.

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