One Bookcase, Two Bases

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Videos in the Series

Lowe Bookcase Project Introduction

Welcome to the bookcase project video series.

1. Lay Out and Cut the Parts

Learn strategies for making accurate cuts in large sheets and see a slick trick for edging plywood

2. Dadoes and Rabbets

See how to make the cuts to hold the case pieces and shelf standards

3. Beginning the Assembly

Watch how Lowe assembles the basic case using glue and screws

4. Make a Flat Bracket Base

Watch how to shape the parts of the base and attach them to the case

5. Attach Moldings

Learn how to make mitered joints fit together without gaps

6. Finishing the Case

Lowe demonstrates how to attach the top and the back panel

7. Ogee Bracket Feet, Part I

Watch how to cut a cove on the tablesaw and round over a curve with planes and scrapers

8. Ogee Bracket Feet, Part 2

See how to cut curves on the bandsaw and miter the feet

9. Finishing Options

Learn about basic choices for staining and protecting the bookcase

Built these bookcases or completed a similar project? Post your photos in our online Readers Gallery. Upload a photo and tag it with the phrase "bookcase".

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