Veneered Boxes with a Twist

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Introduction: Veneered Boxes with a Twist

Furniture maker Adrian Ferrazzutti offers an overview of the techniques used to build his intricate veneered boxes.

Episode 1: Make Your Own Veneers

Learn how to combine contrasting wood species to create beautiful patterns that can be resawn into beautiful veneers for a striking geometric look.

Episode 2: Geometric Patterns with Veneer

Learn how to create a variety of geometric designs with veneer as you cut and prepare the box's final veneer pattern.

Episode 3: Veneer Glue-Up

Learn how to assemble the final veneer patterns before gluing them up to the plywood cores.

Episode 4: Mosaic Veneers

Learn an alternative mosaic veneer technique that opens up an endless array of design possibilities.

Episode 5: Basic Box Joiney

Learn how to cut and fit precise rabbet joints, then glue the box up in stages.

Episode 6: Hardwood Edging—Part I

Learn how to install the beautiful ebony edging that protects the veneer’s fragile edges.

Episode 7: Hardwood Edging—Part II

Wrap up the ebony edging and learn how to separate the box from its lid.

Episode 8: Hinge Installation

Learn how to use router templates to install tricky quadrant hinges. Episode 9 coming Friday, October 31, 2014.

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