Build an Elegant Dining Chair

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Introduction to Chairmaking

Take a closer look at the techniques involved in building this ash dining chair.

1. Templates and Patterns

Watch how to create a full-size drawing and templates that are integral in building this chair.

2. Shape the Rear Legs

Find great tips for choosing lumber, milling it to size, and get started cutting and shaping the rear chair legs.

3. Preparing the Remaining Parts

Picking the right boards makes a big difference in the chair's appearance and strength.

4. Introduction to Mortising

Lay out and cut the mortises for this chair with a simple setup for your router.

5. The Loose Tenons

Cut the loose tenons with an assembly-line setup, and start dry-fitting and fine-tuning the joinery.

6. Shape the Legs and Rails

Taper the legs and add an elegant curve to the front seat rail.

7. Start the Chair Back

Shape and cut the joinery for the crest rail and back splat.

8. Finish the Chair Back

Shape the crest rail and back splat with a bandsaw, power sander, and spokeshave.

9. Assembly and Glue Up

See how the chair is assembled in sections.

10. Upholstery and Finishing

Complete the chair with a slip seat and an easy-to-apply finish.

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