Bow-Arm Morris Chair

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Build a Bow-Arm Morris Chair

Get an overview of how Paolini constructs this elegant Morris chair.

1. Make a Bending Form

Paolini creates the bow arm for this chair using bent lamination. A form helps to keep plies in line. Get Paolini's tips for making it.

2. Bending the Bow Arm

Bent laminations can be tricky, but they don't need to be. Learn Paolini's tricks to keep the plies aligned and avoid springback.

3. Stickley-Style Legs

Paolini shows a simple way to get four quartersawn faces using a solid core with veneers over the flatsawn edges.

4. Mortising with a Router

Tips for cutting mortises with a handheld router

5. Tenons on the Tablesaw

Learn Paolini’s technique for cutting tenons using a dado head on the tablesaw.

6. Through Tenons

Paolini cuts these tenons on the tablesaw then uses chisels to match it to the curve of the bow arm.

7. Cutting the Through Mortises

Paolini hogs out the waste with a Forstner bit, then cleans the mortise up by hand.

8. Constructing the Back

The back-slat tenons are cut before shaping the curved parts.

9. Prep for Assembly

Paolini prepares for glue up and assembly.

Extra: Turning Pivot and Support Pins

Even a novice can turn these pins.

10. Glue Up and Finishing Strategies

Paolini assembles and finishes the base.

11. Conclusion

Paolini shares a few pointers on the cushions.

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