Round Table

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Make a Round Tabletop

Glue up the panels for the upper and lower tabletop, flatten them with hand tools, and cut out perfect circles on the bandsaw.

Build a Round Table

Watch the complete construction process on video, download the plan, and ask the author questions in our first-ever interactive project workshop.

Smooth a Round Edge with a Spokeshave

Learn how to clean up a round tabletop edge with a spokeshave, and apply a chamfer with the router table.

Slot Mortise and Tenons on the Bandsaw

Learn how to cut this joint, also known as a bridle joint, in a few simple steps on the bandsaw.

The Complete Mortise and Tenon Joint

Practice cutting this joint with hand and power tools, and learn new tips and techniques for cutting, sizing, and fitting a mortise and tenon.

Cut a Half-Lap Joint

Produce a perfect fit on the tablesaw when preparing the half-lap joinery for this table's stretcher and rail assemblies.

No-Stress Glue-Up

The assembly stage of any project will make you sweat unless you're prepared. Watch how the author assembles this table in multiple stages, and pick up great tips for any project assembly.

Inlaying a Square Peg

Use a mix of hand and power tools to cut the peg mortise and shape the beveled edge once it's installed.

Installing Glue Blocks

Reinforce the half-lap joinery with glue blocks and take home tips for cutting and installing them precisely.

Finishing Walnut

Prepare the surface with planes and a little sanding, and learn best practices for applying a wipe-on varnish.

Attach a Tabletop with Screws

Elongated holes allow the wide tabletop to shrink and expand without coming unglued.

Level Uneven Table Legs

This smart technique on the tablesaw is the easiest method for leveling uneven table legs.

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Built this round table or completed a similar project? Post your photos in our online Readers Gallery. Upload a photo and tag it with the phrase "round table".

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