Country Pine Hutch

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Introduction: Country Pine Hutch

Join hand tool expert Andrew Hunter as he walks you through the process of building a beautiful display hutch without the help of power tools.

Episode 1: Milling Lumber by Hand

Learn how to mill lumber by hand and you’ll never be restricted by the size of your jointer and planer.

Episode 2: Shaping the Case Sides

Learn how to cut curved profiles without the aid of a bandsaw.

Episode 3: Case Joinery

Prepare your case for final joinery, with lessons on box joints and notches that will keep your hutch from racking.

Episode 4: Work Surface

Add a red oak work surface that complements the pine case and is as durable as it is beautiful.

Episode 5: Face Frames and Plate Rack

Craft a beautiful spindled plate rack and finish the case with a traditional face frame.

Episode 6: Assembly

Assemble the case without a drop of glue, using hand-cut nails for traditional appeal.

Episode 7: Shiplapped Back and Moldings

Craft a traditional shiplapped back finished with milk paint, for a display that makes your finest china stand out.

Episode 8: Frame-and-Panel Doors

Wrap up construction of the hutch with traditional frame-and-panel doors.

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