Garden Chair

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Videos in the Series

Introduction: Garden Chair

Get an overview of what's involved in building a beautiful garden chair with classy curves.

Episode 1: Bending Forms

Learn how to build the bending forms that will create the Garden Chair's curved arms using a bent lamination process.

Episode 2: Resawing Thin Plies

Learn how to resaw the thin plies of wood requied for the garden chair's bent laminations.

Episode 3: Bent Lamination Glue-Up

Learn how to glue up the Adirondack garden chair's tricky bent laminations.

Episode 4: Trimming and Shaping Bent Laminations

Learn how to trim and shape the bent laminations into real furniture parts.

Episode 5: Shaping Parts and Basic Chair Joinery

Michael Fortune crafts the balance of the Garden Chair's curved parts and moves into the joinery phase.

Episode 6: Assemble the Chair Frame

Follow along as Michael Fortune assembles the Garden Chair--from start to finish.

Episode 7: Seat and Back Slats

Wrap up construction of the Garden Chair with lessons on how to attach the seat and back slats, as well as a quick trick for leveling chair legs.

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