Whether you're setting up a new shop or upgrading your old one, a good, sturdy workbench will almost surely be central to your plans. We can help. Our editors and contributors have produced more than two dozen articles and videos about benches and assembly tables. You can also buy full project plans for a simple but workable plywood bench and a classic hardwood bench complete with vises. Here's a sampling: 

Getting Started Workbench

Getting Started Workbench
This sturdy workbench is easy and inexpensive to make. Download the  free plan . Watch the Getting Started in Woodworking series to get a  video demonstration  on how to make it.

Matt's Monster Workbench
Build a massive, maple workbench from start to finish with expert instruction from our video workshop series. Also, buy the digital SketchUp plan in our store.
Garrett Hack Workbench A Workbench 30 Years in the Making
This bench features a thick top that's big enough to handle any project, and the trestle base is rigid enough to resist any racking forces. Buy the digital SketchUp plan in our store. Click here to take a video tour of the bench features.

New-Fangled Workbench

 John White's original plan for a simple but versatile bench has spawned numerous other videos, articles, and blog entries. Take a video tour or buy the digital SketchUp plans in our store.

essential workbench

The Essential Workbench

Lon Schleining's plan for  a classic bench combines the best of the old and new. Plus: Order complete plans in our plan store.

Rock-Solid Plywood Bench

A clever design by Cecil Braedon produces a workbench in a weekend for less than $250. Plus: Order complete plans in our plan store.

Dead-Flat Assembly Table

Watch Marc Spagnuolo ("The Wood Whisperer") build a dead-flat assembly table with a torsion-box top and a sturdy base. Follow the construction step by step in these videos and download a free plan.

Making and Using a Bench Hook

In this video, Gary Rogowski shows how to make a multipurpose jig to expand the versatility of any workbench. 

Tool Cabinet for a Workbench

Lon Schleining shows you how to  construct a cabinet that keeps hand tools close at hand but out of harm's way.

Getting Started Workbench Forget What You Know about Workbenches
This simple system of beams and bases does everything a traditional bench can, and more

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More Workbench Projects:
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