My shop is small, and I often have to move my tablesaw to make room for the project I’m working on. Because the floor isn’t level throughout, my separate outfeed table gets out of alignment with the saw’s top.

My solution was to build an adjustable top for the outfeed table that lets me quickly re-level the surface to match the saw’s height.

Two arms screwed on the top of the table’s base are equipped with four eyebolt height adjusters—one for each corner. From underneath, I thread the eyebolts through captured nuts set in the top of the arms. The table’s top rests on the tops of the four bolts, which fit into metal-capped recesses in the top’s underside. I installed brass finger pulls for bypass doors (, No. 161910) into the recesses to provide a bearing point for the end of the eyebolts.

With the base shimmed to prevent rocking, adjust the outfeed table by setting a long straightedge across the saw table that extends out the back. You can raise or lower each corner of the outfeed table without tools simply by turning the eyebolts.

adjustable outfeed table

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Drawings by Jim Richey. , ,
October 21, 2011