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Carter Products - Magfence

The Magfence is a magnetic bandsaw fence that can be anchored to the table at any angle, without clamps.

$80 (16-in. fence); 90 (19-1/2-in. fence) (As of 3/1/2009)

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Editor's Review: The Basics of the Bandsaw

by Roland Johnson

review date: March 1, 2009

When using the bandsaw fence to make a rip or resaw cut, it's not uncommon to experience blade drift-the tendency of the blade to move away from or toward the fence. The solution is to position the fence at a slight angle to account for the drift.

Unfortunately, the fence that comes with most bandsaws can't be set at an angle. The Magfence, an aftermarket fence from Carter Products, makes things easier. Without clamps, it anchors to the table at any angle. All the holding force comes from several rare-earth magnets built into the anodized aluminum fence. To secure the fence, you need only flip a cam lever; that action lowers the fence (and magnets) to the table. A 16-in. fence sells for $80; a 19½ -in. fence is $90. Go to  for more information.

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Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Carter Products
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number 888-622-7837
Blade Size N/A
Sizes Two size options: 16-in. fence and 19-1/2-in. fence
Compatibility N/A

Simple, straight forward and completely functional. If your BS is properly set up, you'll never need anything more intricate. I've owned one since the first day they hit market and have been delighted with it ever since. If the magnets had the ability to be "switched" on/off instead of levered, I would rate the product 5/5. As is, for the money you're no other product comes close to this type of functionality and simplicity.

I've always wanted the Carter bearing guides for my Delta 14" bandsw and without much thought also bought the fence at a woodworking show. Love the guides. The Carter fence is a simple device and requires no prior set-up. Just place it on the bandsaw's table, BAM!, and shove and bump it into position. Measure blade distance with a ruler and eyeball the drift angle. Be careful as the magnets are very strong and can pinch your fingers. Also make sure one of the levers is on the table as they are are used to pry the fence off the table. The magnets do not turn off. The fence is 4" tall and its T slots accommodate toilet bowl T bolts for attaching shop-made stops and extensions. The fence is fine for the occasional user with good arm strength. Those requiring more finesse and repeatability might want a rail-mounted fence system with built in measuring scale and a drift-adjusting clamp down.

I think the Kreg aftermarket fence is far superior with its micro-adjustment and resaw accessories and it too can be adjusted to compensate for drift. By the way drift can be virtually eliminated if one takes the time to fine-tune the bandsaw.

I am going to have a hard time using it on my new granite band saw table!!

Body could be longer to facilitate extra support for cutting strips and battens.

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