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Handmade Tools

  • Wood Planes Made EasyWood Planes Made Easy

    by David Finck

    Make a wood plane and it will reward you with flat, gleaming wood surfaces and an unmatched planing experience. Make it the way David Finck does, and you’ll be ...

  • Build a BowsawBuild a Bowsaw

    by J. Crate Larkin

    The engineering is ingenious on a bowsaw, and J. Crate Larkin explains in this article how to make and use this tool, which despite its primitive look serves many ...

  • Wooden Chisel PlaneWooden Chisel Plane

    by Norm Pollack

    Build a classic wooden chisel plane with detailed project plans and instruction by woodworker Norm Pollack. The location of the blade is what makes the chisel plane ...

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