Resawing on the bandsaw is a great way to step up your woodworking game. The technique allows you to go way beyond standard lumber dimensions and gives you the opportunity to cut book-matched panels, saw your own veneers, and even create extra-thin stock for dividers and delicate boxes.

But to properly resaw lumber, you’ve got to have your bandsaw set-up really honed in. In this video, furniture maker Michael Fortune takes you step-by-step, through all the techniques and set-ups required to resaw stock accurately and effortlessly. You’ll learn a whole host of techniques including:

  • How to set bandsaw blade tracking
  • How to properly align your bandsaw fence
  • What type of blade to use for resawing and how to tension it properly
  • Proper settings for both upper and lower guides
  • How to hotrod your bandsaw’s dust collection system
  • How to mark your stock and keep track of slice order
  • Handling outfeed support

For even more information on how to set-up your bandsaw for years of trouble-free service, be sure to catch Michael Fortune’s complete video coverage on How to Set-Up a Bandsaw.