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Miter Joints

Anyone who has ogled a painting or stared into a mirror is familiar with the miter. This decorative joint is used on small boxes, frames, even to hold together a carcase. From an aesthetic point of view, the miter is an attractive way to deal with a corner. The
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  • How to Cut Clean Miters in Small Pieces of MoldingQ & A: How to Cut Clean Miters in Small Pieces of Molding

    by Lonnie Bird

  • Shooting Boards 101Q & A: Shooting Boards 101

    by Ernie Conover

  • All About Miter JointsAll About Miter Joints

    by Mario Rodriguez

  • Simplified Three-Way MiterSimplified Three-Way Miter

    by Richard Gotz

    Although there probably are a dozen or more ways to cut a three-way miter, Richard Gotz uses a method that is straightforward and relies on only a few cuts with ...

  • A Stronger MiterA Stronger Miter

    by Seth Janofsky

    Seth Janofsky shows how to lay out and construct a tenoned miter joint. Accurate layout is critical. The mortised piece isn't so difficult, but making the tenon ...

  • Compound Angles Without MathCompound Angles Without Math

    by Steve Brown

    Compound angles can add visual interest to many projects where standard square joints can’t. And cutting compound-angle joinery doesn’t have to be intimidating. ...

  • Master the MiterMaster the Miter

    by Gary Rogowski

    Gary Rogowski explains how to make miters that will serve you well in frames for veneered panels, applying wrap-around molding, or picture-frame construction. He ...

  • Planing Corner JointsPlaning Corner Joints

    by Jeff Miller

    When flushing up surfaces that meet at a right angle, Jeff Miller prefers to start with a handplane, which allows him to remove just the right amount of stock without ...

  • Strong, No Clamp-Up Corner JointsStrong, No Clamp-Up Corner Joints

    by Steve Latta

    Steve Latta calls this tablesaw technique the key to making perfect miters without tilting the blade. He rips and crosscuts all stock to finished dimensions, with ...

  • Shooting Board Aims for AccuracyShooting Board Aims for Accuracy

    by Ed Speas

    Ed Speas explains how a simple fixture called a shooting board can help you make perfect miter cuts. His shooting board is adapted from an old bench hook, or sawing ...

  • Picture-Framing TechniquesPicture-Framing Techniques

    by Leon Segal

    Leon Segal makes high-quality picture frams, and his shopmade router table performs 90% of the work of making picture frames of high quality. It shapes the outside ...

  • Carcase ConstructionCarcase Construction

    by Tage Frid

    Furniture construction can be broken into two main categories: carcase and frame. In carcase construction, boards are joined end to end using dovetails, tongue-and-groove ...

  • Biscuit Joiner Tips and TricksVideo: Biscuit Joiner Tips and Tricks

    with Asa Christiana

    Learn how to harness the full potential of your biscuit joiner in Part I of our two-part series

  • How to Cut Compound Angled JoineryEditors PickVideo: How to Cut Compound Angled Joinery

    with Matt Kenney

    Demystify this seemingly complex woodworking joint with a simple set-up block

  • Mitered Biscuit Joint Tips and TricksVideo: Mitered Biscuit Joint Tips and Tricks

    with Asa Christiana

    Learn how to fit mitered biscuit joinery in part II of our two-part series

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