Installing Hardware

Installing hardware on handmade furniture is like putting icing on a cake. It takes care and a steady hand to achieve good results, and the slightest slip-up shows. Here are a few things to consider: The Basics: • Be true to a style: Make sure the hardware
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  • Custom-made ClaspsCustom-made Clasps

    by Christian Becksvoort

    You've spent hours handcrafting a dovetailed box, and it's time to choose the hardware. A search through the hardware store and catalogs turns up nothing worthy. ...

  • Choosing and Installing a LocksetChoosing and Installing a Lockset

    by Lonnie Bird

    In years past, a desk might hold not only valuable papers but also high-priced tea and spices in its tiny, specially made drawers; often, locksets were a requirement. ...

  • Hinges and Lid Supports for ChestsHinges and Lid Supports for Chests

    by Michael Dunbar

    Installing hinges and lid supports on a chest involves more than just a few hours of tooling in the shop. Depending on the style of your project -- whether it’s ...

  • Installing Butt HingesInstalling Butt Hinges

    by Garrett Hack

    You can’t beat butt hinges for durability, clean looks, and straightforward installation. Garrett Hack demonstrates the most common use for them -- hanging an inset ...

  • Full-Extension Wooden SlidesFull-Extension Wooden Slides

    by Christian Becksvoort

    Christian Becksvoort appreciates the resourcefulness of shopmade hardware, and he explains here how to make and install full-extension wooden drawer slides. He ...

  • Where Door Meets DoorWhere Door Meets Door

    by Steve Latta

    Dealing with double doors -- lipped, unlipped, astragal, and beads. Installing double-ball catches, wooden stops, flush bolts and elbow catches, and bullet catches.From ...

  • Barbed Hinges for Fine BoxesBarbed Hinges for Fine Boxes

    by David Freedman

    This article provides tips for installing barbed hinges, or slot hinges, which are ideal for use with contemporary box designs because they are relatively goof-proof ...

  • Hanging Butt Hinges, UnconventionallyHanging Butt Hinges, Unconventionally

    by Stephen Lamont

    Practical or aesthetic considerations sometimes lead to different approaches to installing hinges, writes craftsman Stephen Lamont. Here, he explains how to put ...

  • Supporting ShelvesSupporting Shelves

    by Stephen Winchester

    Stephen Winchester tries to balance style, function, and cost when figuring out how to support shelves in a cabinet. The five methods he uses most often,are blind-nailed ...

  • Threaded InsertsThreaded Inserts

    by William Tandy Young

    Once William Tandy Young started working with threaded inserts, he quickly saw how handy they are. Threaded into a hole, they make it possible to use machine screws ...

  • How to Hang a Cabinet DoorHow to Hang a Cabinet Door

    by Philip C. Lowe

    Regardless of the type of hinge you select, Philip C. Lowe says, all hinges depend on careful installation for smooth operation. He starts with a list of questions ...

  • Installing a Half-Mortise LockInstalling a Half-Mortise Lock

    by Philip C. Lowe

    Philip C. Lowe always asks his clients if they want locks and escutcheons on the furniture he’s making for them. Simple hardware can add a lot to the total cost, ...

  • Keeping Doors ClosedKeeping Doors Closed

    by Christian Becksvoort

    Christian H. Becksvoort talks about appropriate catches for various types of cabinet doors and advises that you pick one that’s in keeping with the period, style, ...

  • Decorative Hardware SourcesDecorative Hardware Sources

    by Vincent Laurence

    Chippendale hardware isn’t going to do much for an Arts and Crafts piece, writes Vincent Laurence of Fine Woodworking. But finding the right visible hardware can ...

  • Installing Knife HingesInstalling Knife Hinges

    by Gary Rogowski

    Knife hinges have a simple, subtle beauty, writes Gary Rogowski. Don’t buy inexpensive hinges; he includes a list of things to avoid, such as stamped steel and ...

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