With its X-shaped back slats and hand-carved curls on the legs, this bed belongs to a family of furniture that Charles Shackleton designed as an homage to the fork-back chairs of his native Ireland. Making the bed requires a combination of handwork and machine work. The legs are cut on the bandsaw using templates, which also help to position the mortises. The curved design at the top of the legs is carved by hand. The X-shaped slats are cut on the bandsaw and beaded either by hand or with a router, and are joined to the upper and lower cross rails with dowels. Jigs and templates simplify construction and make assembly easier.

From Fine Woodworking #197

Correction: The dowels connecting the top rails to the legs should be 1/2 in. dia. and not 3/8 in. as shown, while those connecting the X-slats to the rails should be 3/8 in. dia. and extend 1/2 in. into the slats and the rails. The distance from the base of the footboard leg to the bottom of the lower cross-rail mortise should be 13-1/4 in. and not 14-1/4 in.