In this video segment from the 2006 International Woodworking Fair, we took a look a the Hoverpad, a mobile base that carries heavy machinery on a cushion of air. The product is being distributed by General International, which licensed the Hoverpad for the woodworking market.

The Hoverpad is the brainchild of Arra David, a New Hampshire inventor who came up with the idea when he need a solution for moving a workbench around his home shop. "I realized I had something, so I developed the prototype and patented it," said David. "I tested the product at a local shop and it did very well." 

Powered by a compressor, the thin plastic platform is able to carry more than 1,000 lbs. by floating it about 1/8 in. off the ground. It requires a compressor capable of producing about 100 lbs./in. and about 5 CFM. Similar to a roller base, it makes navigating tools through a shop easy.

The Hoverpad only works on smooth surfaces like concrete and laminate flooring, however, special accommodations can be made to move tools over rough surfaces or floors with cracks.

The Hoverpad will be available from General in two sizes, priced at $250 and $170. General has not yet said when it will be widely available. However, the Hover Pad is available in limited supplies through Brentwood Machinery & Tools in Brentwood, N.H.