Ryobi - Benchtop Planer No. AP1300 - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Benchtop Planer No. AP1300

Ryobi - Benchtop Planer No. AP1300

This discontinued 13-in. planer featured eight depth stop settings and a dust hood. It was replaced with the AP1301 Surface Planer.

$270 (As of 2/1/2003)

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Editor Choice-Best Value

Editor's Review:

by Lon Schleining

review date: February 1, 2003

Ryobi, manufacturer of the first portable thickness planer, has returned to the market with the AP1300.

The Ryobi AP1300 produced virtually no snipe. The board was almost parallel when measured from edge to edge, and the surface quality was excellent. Plus, it sells at an appealing price.

But this planer was noisy. And it had another drawback: When I attempted to measure the time required to change the blades, I discovered the machine screws that fasten the knives to the cutterhead were overtightened. Most of them came out after considerable effort. But three refused to budge, so the heads had to be ground off. Once removed, the screws were replaced and the blade-changing time was measured. At 14 minutes flat, it required less time than most others.

All things considered, the AP1300 looks like it is a good planer at a good price.

Editor Test Results:

Parallel Test Out: 0.0010 in.
Average snipe 0.0015 in.
Time to change knives 14 minutes
Knives can be sharpened No
Noise Rating 101 dB (load)

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Ryobi
Manufacturer's Web Site www.ryobitools.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number 800-525-2579
Extra set of knives included No
Price for Set of Knives $30
Reversible Knives Yes
Built-in Dust Collection Hood: included
Speed 9,900 rpm (no load)
Amps 15
Maximum Thickness 6 in.
Maximum Width 13 in.

I own this planer. It performs well with the expected snipe of cheaper planer but can be controlled with techniques. My biggest beef is that the tool is sold only through Home Depot and they do not carry the knives in store, you must order them on line. I went to my local Home Depot and they carried knives for a Delta 12.5" planer that they don't even sell but no knives for the 13" Ryobi that they do sell. The knives are twice the cost on the Official Ryobi part site as compared to the Home Depot site. My other beef is the cheap button head screws thy use to hold the knives. They allen heads are soft and end up stripping out. I have to grind the head off with my die grinder and replace it with a better screw.

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