Ridgid - Benchtop Planer TP1300LS - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Benchtop Planer TP1300LS

Ridgid - Benchtop Planer TP1300LS

Ridgid’s 13-in. planer features reversible knives and a dust-collection hood.

$397 (included stand) (As of 1/1/2003)

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Editor's Review: Tool Test: Benchtop Planers

by Lon Schleining

review date: January 1, 2003

Today's thickness planers vary in price from less than $300 to nearly $500. In an effort to learn whether the price differences reflect the quality and features of the machines, I put nine of them through a hands-on test. To begin with, it's important that the infeed and outfeed tables be flush with the bed, and I found that all of these machines made it easy to adjust the tables up and down. In addition, I tested how accurately and smoothly the planers cut (all produced amazingly smooth cuts). I also measured the noise level of the machines, checked to see how easy it was to change knives, and gauged the effectiveness of the dust collection.

The moderately priced Ridgid is a heavy machine, which tied for the smallest amount of snipe. It was also the least noisy and had the fastest and easiest knife changing and an easy-to-use cutterhead lock.

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Editor Test Results:

Parallel Test 0.004 in
Average Snipe less than 0.001 in.
Time to Change Knives 5 minutes
Knives Can be Sharpened No
Noise Rating 94 dB (Load)

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Ridgid
Manufacturer's Web Site www.ridgid.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number 800-474-3443
Extra Set of Knives Included Yes
Price for Set of Knives $30
Reversible Knives Yes
Built-in Dust Collection Hood: Included
Speed 9,500 rpm (no load)
Amps 15
Maximum Thickness 6 in.
Maximum Width 13 in.

I've switched from the 12 1/2 inch Delta to the Ridgid portable planer, and I love it! Plenty of power. ACCURATE DEPTH OF CUT.

I have had my planer for 2 years now. It is time to get a new one. Well, it is not very heavy compared to the Dewalt but still heavy. has only two blades. When my planer was new it did a remarkable job. I was very satisfied. I always got snipe front and back. the biggest problem with this planner is adjusting the infeed and outfeed tables. it is next to impossible to get them level on both sides. anyway I have spent hours in a single sitting and came out with satisfactory results. you have two sets of adjustments. one for raising the height of the table right next to the planer body and another to raise the ends of the planer. And to get these two sets of adjustments (by the way, they are both little nuts that is just a hell in itself) to work together is where your exertion and patience will be tested. If you are a contractor don't buy this. Homeowners I think may take this beast on, on their own terms. Now I am having problems with chip disposal. Blade marks on the wood. Snipe. Roller problems. the rollers have stopped performing. Well you get the idea. I may buythe Dewalt but I usually stay away from Dewalt.

If this could be rated with more than 5 stars, it would. Let's start with the design. This planer is set up to be very user-friendly. Any tools needed (aside from assembly) are stored on board and out of the way on the left side of the machine. Its repeat-a-cut feature was accurate to .003" straight out of the box, which I found particularly impressive. With this feature, you can consistently plane a board down to 1-3/4" to 1/4" in 1/4" increments, increasing repeatability exponentially. It also featured a good blade lock, that was able to reduce snipe to <.001". Now, the one thing that I hate is tool marks. Not so much that they're there, but that I know that I'll have to sand them off later. Not so with this model. With a piece of pine, I was able to plane it smooth enough (again right out of the box) so that it needed no sanding, and a piece of red oak to where I would probably start with 320 or 400. Even then it isn't very necessary. The blade change is amazingly simple and accurate, and there is an extra set of dual-edged blades on board as well. This is also a very quiet planer comparatively, and its dust collection chute is very efficient. Overall, by far, this is the best planer I have ever used, and it rivals those models of higher prices. I would recommend absolutely no other planer than this.

I just love this planer, I know it is heavy but it is a breeze to use and the snipe is very minute. All the tools hide away in the side compartment and knife changes are quick and easy. A++

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