50-760 Portable Dust Collector - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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50-760 Portable Dust Collector

Delta - 50-760 Portable Dust Collector

This Delta model earned our best value rating and was one of three dust collectors to win best overall

$330 (As of 4/1/2006)

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Editor Choice-Best Overall

Editor's Review: Portable Dust Collectors

by Michael Standish

review date: April 1, 2006

A modest, portable dust collector can do a good job provided you fit it with an effective filter and don't treat it like a true central dust-collection system with long runs of ductwork. To be effective, a portable dust collector must move air fast enough to transport big chips, shavings, and dust; move enough air to capture all the waste that woodworking machinery generates; and trap even the finest dust particles. But without a first-class filter, a dust collector becomes a dust-recirculating pump, spewing contaminated air throughout the shop.

The 10 collectors tested are about the most powerful type available that run on normal 120v household current. They have a 1.5-hp motor driving an impeller to suck dust into the filter and the collection bags. They're designed to handle the waste from a typical shop machine but not from two machines at once. As a practical matter, a dust collector needs to provide 800 cfm or more to move all the dust, chips, and shavings that machines like tablesaws, jointers, and planers produce.

The Delta 50-760 delivered significantly better volume than most of the others, without sacrificing air velocity. Its intake ports can be oriented to face up or down, and it comes with the preferred 1-micron filter bag.

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Editor Test Results:

Performance Excellent
Noise 83 db.
Approx. Maximum cfm 925 cfm

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Delta
Manufacturer's Web Site www.deltaportercable.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number 800-223-7278
Inlet Diameter 5 in.
Standard Filter 1-Micron Bag
Optional Filter None
Horsepower 1-1/2 hp

I designed and fabricated a separator to fit within the frame of this unit. It is now a very efficient 2 stage portable DC. It's the best bang for the dollar in a DC of this size that I know of. I'm very proud of what I have done with it.

Purchased in 2006 and it works as advertised. It is hooked up via 4" PVC pipe and soft 4" pipe to four machines (don't run them at the same time & close gates to only use on one at a time)and the run is probably a bit too long for a couple of the machines for the most effective use of it. I have one beef. The one micron bag is no longer available from Delta, and is $127 from eReplacementparts.com. I asked Delta if it was possible to clean the bag to restore its effectiveness (six years of use) and they said hose it off. I think that will only cake the fine dust in there more so I have used compressed air outside to blow it out as best as possible.

Best Value is an adequate description. I don't know what kind of detail you want me to share, but it works very well. Does a great job keeping the shop clean and has a felt filter bag that seems to do a great job keeping the fine stuff out of the air (but not the really, really fine stuff). Bag changes seem easy to me and power is strong and steady.

Based on Fine Woodworking's reviews, I recently bought this machine and I find that it lives up to expectations with one sour note: the chipping bag is a non-standard size. This means that people who own the 50-760 dust collector will always have to buy replacement sacks from Delta. This in itself isn't so bad until you learn the cost - $30 per bag here in Canada. Quite a price for a throw away item!This one aspect stops me from giving a five star rating to this machine.


I also purchased this DC for my small one man woodshop and it has been great! The 1 micron filter, 1½ HP 110 capability, portability and efficiency sold me on it.It comes with 2 4" intake ports and I have one connected to my Tablesaw, 6" joiner, downdraft table, router table; all devices are blast gated. The other 4" port is equipped with an 10' section of flex hose and is relegated to portable machines (Radial Arm Saw, planer, CMS, etc.) that are connected when needed and is also gated when not in use.This arrangement is facilitated by the fact that I have clustered my machines in a island configuration in the center of the woodshop. Keeps the runs to a max of 10'.As the downdraft table is also part of my tablesaw outfeed table I plan on adding a chip collection box I saw in FWW that will precapture much of the debris in front of the filter.All in all this system has worked very well.Regards,Bob

The filter bag isn't capable of filtering the smaller particulate and the plastic bag is an unusual size, requiring you to purchase them from Delta.

I found this in my local Lowes and read a little about it online and nobody complained. Delta had a rebate on it at the time so home it came. I have it hooked to a 12' run of 4"SDR with five blast gates to separate tools connected with flex hoses. The table saw is at the end of the run on a 10' flex and it cleans it out no problem. Wow, what a difference! I am definitely pleased with the results. There is a whole lot less cleanup in the shop and the accompanying health of my lungs. This is a great unit for a small shop.

It's all I expected. I purchased it on sale after the review by FW. I am very happy. It's easy to work with and easy to hook up. I've got everything on wheels so I just roll out the machine and the hose slips onto the outlet for each machine. I use it for a unisaw, jointer, planer, router table... the hook up for my miter saw is more difficult and the lathe is on the opposite side of the shop so that hasn't worked yet. I'm thinking I'll roll it over there and hook up to a special dust port to work on that, but I've got a couple of space issues to deal with first. I think the dust collector is a great value, and I appreciate the clean environment since I bought it and semi-retired the shop vac. It's a great purchase for a small shop.

Purchased this dust collector at lowes at a great close out price. Have hooked it up to a long hose and several machines with blast gates. Only open one gate at a time but it does the job. Can hear the air rushing through my 10" table saw and not a spot of dust escapes it. Does and equally excellent job on the radial arm saw and miter saw. Vacuums out my auto with ease. Have put a swirl can on it to separate the big chips out before they go through the impellers and it still works like a champ. Have left more than one gate open will still excellent performace. For a small one man shop it will get the job done!

I've had this unit for about a year in a closed basement workshop -- only one way in and no exterior ventilation. It's done a superb job of picking up sawdust and keeping the air clear. The features that sold me were the 1 micron filter bag and the 1-1.2 HP motor. The filter bag does indeed work well. It's connected to a set of 4" dust ducts (mostly PVC pipe) that reach to five machines and a worktable. I use blast gates to close off the ducts to the machines I'm not using. You can empty the bottom (collector) bag most easily of you use the snap-in ring to hold it in place rather than the optional external band clamp. But emptying it is still a bit of a task, and you should wear a dust mask.


I've used this machine for over a year now. It has excellent suction; in fact, it will suck stuff you don't want it to if you aren't careful. The only negative is removing, emptying, and replacing the bags. That process is difficult and maddening. That's why I put off emptying as long as I can.

I'm a hobbyist using the 50-760 for my tablesaw, jointer, and planer. I started out with Delta's smaller 1 hp unit, but have dedicated it to my router table now.Converting the 50-760 to a 2 stage unit by adding a 30 gal garbage can makes life much easier for emptying dust and shavings plus not having to fear the accidental pick-up of a metal or wood object that might damage the fan blade. Unit has adequate power for this addition.

I purchased this DC 4 or 5 months ago and it has worked great for my needs. It collects almost all of the wood chips from face joining a board on my 8" jointer and whatever tool that I am running at that time. Hardly any dust escapes the 1 micron top bag. The only problem that I have with it is that the top bag is really hard to clean dust out.

I bought the 760 woodworking show in NJ.My main reason for considering this machine was I could roll it out of the garage and empty the bag outside of the house. I was worried that when you take the bag off of a dust collector and empty it it would make a big mess.The second reason I liked it was the 1 Micron filter. I do not want to cut a hole in the wall and vent a dust collector outside, with a 1 micron filter it solved that problem.Got it home and had it setup in about 1 hour. We have been using it for a few weeks and it has worked great. Currently we have used it for a table saw but plan on using it for other devices as we get organized.Should have purchased a vacuum wand and head so I could vacuum up sawdust from little projects.Bottom line, much less dust in the shop and I am very happy with the machine. You cant go wrong with the price.

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