Alto Wap - Shop Vacuum ATTIX AS/E - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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Shop Vacuum ATTIX AS/E

Alto Wap - Shop Vacuum ATTIX AS/E

Alto Waps’s wet/dry tank vacuum features auto start with an auxiliary power tool and a 2-1/2-in.-dia. dust collection hose.

$475 (As of 10/1/2003)

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Editor's Review:

by Roland Johnson

review date: October 1, 2003

Alto Wap's newest shop vacuum is a compact machine with a 1,000w (about 8.5 amps) motor that offers a reasonable amount of power. The machine also is lightweight and easy to move, making it ideal for small cleanup chores and light dust collection.

A built-in electrical outlet has an automatic starting feature, called auto start, that's handy if you connect the vacuum hose to a power-sanding tool, such as a belt sander.

Variable-suction control lets you adjust the suction for peak efficiency. Also, with the push of a button, the vacuum sends a blast of air backward through the pleated filter to dislodge built-up dust and debris.

This product is compact, quiet, and easy to move.

Editor Test Results:

Exhaust Diffused
Noise Rating 69 and 72 db. (decibel readings taken at low and maximum power)

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Alto Wap
Manufacturer's Web Site or
Manufacturer's Phone Number 877-366-2586
Controls Auto Start: Yes
Intake Hole Size N/A
Impeller Size N/A
Materials N/A
Size 8 gal.
Horsepower 1.6 hp bypass motor; 7.25 hp at power peak
Amps 8.5
Volts N/A
Speed Variable Motor Speed: Yes

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