What makes a cabinet saw stand out from the crowd? Roland Johnson reviewed 13 popular 10-in. cabinet saws and found notable differences in safety features such as riving knives, blade guards and easy-access switches; price, which ranges from just under $1,000 to more than $3,000; and convenience. Of course, he tested performance too. But safety was the most significant area of difference, and three models took the lead in that category.

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Bridgewood BW10LTS; Delta 36-L31X; General 650-T50 M2General International 50-260 M1Grizzly G1023SL; Jet JTAS-10XL; Laguna TS-10; Powermatic 66; Powermatic PM2000; Oliver 4015; Sawstop Cabinet Saw; Shop Fox W1677; Woodtek 130-364

From Fine Woodworking #184