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Five Tips for Better Bandsawing

No-hassle approach delivers smooth, straight cuts

by Michael C. Fortune

The bandsaw can be the most useful tool in the shop, provided you know how to set it up properly. Blade type, blade alignment, and correct tension are the keys to getting the bandsaw to do a multitude of woodworking jobs such as ripping stock and cutting smooth tenons, fine inlay stringing, perfect veneers, and curved patterns.

From #173

From Fine Woodworking #173 , pp. 66 November 1, 2004

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Jet - JWBS-14SF 14-in. Bandsaw

(1 user review)

Can resaw boards up to 13-1/2 in. wide

Laguna - 14/Twelve Bandsaw

(4 user reviews)

Compact, stable, and comes with easy-to-set ceramic guides

Steel City Tool Works - 50100 14-in. Bandsaw

(2 user reviews)

The Steel City 50100 bandsaw features a 1-1/2 hp motor, a cast iron frame, and an integrated mobile base. Adding a riser-block accessory increases the resaw capacity from 6-3/4 in. to 12 in.

Laguna - LT14SE 14-in. Bandsaw

(2 user reviews)

Laguna's LT14SE 14-in bandsaw features a 2 hp motor, a 12-in. resaw capacity, and it comes fully assembled.

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