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Bending Wood

Bending wood doesn’t require superhuman strength. There are a few common recipes and procedures that can be employed to create curved parts from straight boards. The Basics: • Steam it: Heat and humidity will make a board ripe for bending. • Laminate
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  • Build a LongboardBuild a Longboard

    by Chris Gochnour

    Before Chris Gochnour became a furnitiure maker, he had his own business building and selling skateboards. His love of skateboarding led to a love of woodworking, ...

  • The Garden Chair, Part 1: Bent LaminationThe Garden Chair, Part 1: Bent Lamination

    by Michael C. Fortune

    Part 1 of this garden chair project involves making the bent laminations that are used for the sweeping curves in the arms, seat, and back slats. The process of ...

  • Build an Outdoor LoungeBuild an Outdoor Lounge

    by Tommy MacDonald

    This comfortable lounge chair, with its modern lines and shapely curves, looks complicated. It incorporates 25 steam-bent staves, which also sounds complicated. ...

  • Teach a Skateboarder to Woodwork, or Vice VersaTeach a Skateboarder to Woodwork, or Vice Versa

    by Matt Berger

    Kit to build a skateboard deck is well engineered and a great project for getting started in woodworking

  • Curved Stretcher Adds Grace and LegroomCurved Stretcher Adds Grace and Legroom

    by Mark Edmundson

    Furniture maker Mark Edmundson explains how to make a bent-laminated curved stretcher that can lend graceful lines as well as ample legroom to a table or desk. ...

  • A Round Kitchen ClassicA Round Kitchen Classic

    by Thomas Calisto

    If you build this project, you will learn how to make a curved laminated apron and the joinery involved in connecting the apron quadrants to the legs. A shop-made ...

  • Cold-Molded CradleCold-Molded Cradle

    by AuthorID: 0 could not be found

    Larry Hendricks was first inspired to apply boatbuilding methods to furniture construction when an acquaintance asked him to make an heirloom-quality cradle for ...

  • Shaker Oval BoxesShaker Oval Boxes

    by John Wilson

    Oval boxes continue to be the most popular product the Shakers ever offered to the outside world. John Wilson teaches novice and experienced woodworkers how to ...

  • Oval BoxesOval Boxes

    by Tom McFadden

    Though he started off studying Shaker oval boxes, Tom McFadden makes his of a variety of woods and he leaves the outside overlapping end square, instead of cutting ...

  • Shaker CarrierShaker Carrier

    by John Kassay

    This short article with a scale drawing shows how to make a box fitted with a handle.From Fine Woodworking #32...

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