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Tool Chest

comments (10) May 9th, 2009 in blogs, Reader's Gallery

fidgen Tom Fidgen, contributor
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This is a tool chest design I came up with this past winter. It has a removable shooting board on the lid with dedicated holes for a surface clamp. This allows for 'on-site' work holding applications. The interior has a tool till and has enough room for all of my essential hand tools. The back panel holds a couple of backsaws with a small shelf for odds and ends. The lid uses 'Roto-Hinges' to carry it off of the back of the chest so you never have to worry about putting it down. It hangs over the backsaws while open. The two cam-clamps, also stored in the back hold the chest in place while in use as a small work bench on the job site.



Design or Plan used: My own design - Tom Fidgen

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Comments (10)

B.L. Zeebub B.L. Zeebub writes: Too cool tool box, mon ami. Carry on...
Posted: 8:22 pm on January 11th

birchwoodguy birchwoodguy writes: You know Tom, everytime I see your work it makes me want to run to the shop, un-plug everything (but the lights) and get to work on something really unique. The interesting thing about your tool-tote (if I can call it that since it is really a mini work-station/tool-box and we don't have a word for that yet)is that it is carefully thought out for your needs and is both complex and small/simple at the same time. How often have we seen huge tool chests and wall mounted tool cabinets (impressive to be sure), but your minimalist approach and honest joinery is awesome and I can't stop wondering how I can borrow some of that perspective and incorporate it into my own work.

Keep up the postings, every one of them is inspiratioinal!
Posted: 1:11 pm on December 8th

ScudderWoodworking ScudderWoodworking writes: Tom,
I read the article you wrote on building this box and went ahead to build one myself.
I think the only thing I did differently was to use sliding dovetails to hold the handle supports to the ends...I glued the bottom 3" to allow for movement. I built it in January, and I definitely saw it grow over the summer!
Thanks for the inspiration!
Posted: 11:29 pm on November 10th

AirTiger AirTiger writes: I would have expected something unique, functional and creative from you Tom. You have not disappointed.
Posted: 3:45 pm on May 30th

DustyFace DustyFace writes: Just had to login, your should win the most functional design. I have built three tool chests but I still lack a functional 'mobile' tool chest like yours. Perhaps FW could feature the design in an article. Is it too late to post some interior shots?
Posted: 9:20 am on May 23rd

custim custim writes: Thanks for the feed back fidgen. I would agree SCMedLion.
Posted: 4:09 pm on May 14th

SCMedLion SCMedLion writes: All of the tool chests posted so far are inspiring and better than I would construct, but I think this one shows a lot of original thought and unique function. Very nice!
Posted: 8:04 am on May 13th

fidgen fidgen writes: custim,

The plane is one of my favourite hand tools. It was made by James Krenov; I purchased it from him a few years ago and have enjoyed working with it since. The small 'shelf' or 'piece of wood' on the lower front edge enables me to quickly determine plumb while holding a piece in the front, vertical position with a surface clamp. Nice for sawing dovetails. The one I'm using in the picture here is the 'surface clamp' by Veritas-available through Lee Valley Tools...In use, simply flush up the right bottom edge of the workpiece with the far right side of the shelf and while lightly holding/pushing the workpiece towards the main body of the clamp I know that the piece is least in relation to the tool chest!
The wooden cam-clamps on the back don't get in the way while in storage but they're the first thing removed when I get to a work site...they're sole purpose is to hold the toolchest firmly down to a larger work surface (ie:kitchen table etc..) while I'm using the chest as a make shift workbench. And finally, I do actually store an 8" engineers square on the back tray section as well as a small level, pencil and any other odds and ends that find it's way in...usually some screws and lint!t
Check out my blog for more information on it.

Posted: 7:45 pm on May 10th

custim custim writes: I was also curious if you made that plane yourself?
Posted: 2:58 pm on May 10th

custim custim writes: Wow! Is that ever a neat design! I'd like to see it open. What is the little piece of wood coming off the front at the bottom? The lid design, surface clamps and handle are great. Do the clamps on the back get in the way? Could they have been more horizontal? Could you slip in a framing square at the back? I like it's unique look.
Posted: 2:57 pm on May 10th

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