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Staining and Coloring

Woodworkers are sometimes baffled and intimidated by the many choices available to them when they want to add color to their projects. Some techniques are easy to accomplish, others can be more complicated, but just like applying clear finishes, none
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  • Coloring Wood Like a ProVideo: Coloring Wood Like a Pro

    with Jeff Jewitt

    Learn to apply dye stains and correct the color once they're applied in this excerpt from the DVD 'Hand-Applied Finishes'

  • Two Techniques for Applying GlazeVideo: Two Techniques for Applying Glaze

    with Jeff Jewitt

    Learn how to create a mission oak finish and mimic inlay in this excerpt from the DVD 'Hand-Applied Finishes'

  • An Exploration in FinishingAn Exploration in Finishing

    by Anissa Kapsales

    A modern take on jin-di-sugi and ebonizing

  • Dyes Bring Out Best in Figured MapleDyes Bring Out Best in Figured Maple

    by James Condino

    James Condino's finish is designed to bring out the multidimensional, layered color of figured maple. His method uses a dark dye followed by a series of lighter ...

  • The Impact of Light on Dyes and StainsThe Impact of Light on Dyes and Stains

    by Teri Masaschi

    Whatever dye or pigment stain you use, it will fade or change color with exposure to bright light. The solution is not to swear you'll never stain wood again (after ...

  • How to Fume Furniture with AmmoniaVideo: How to Fume Furniture with Ammonia

    with Kelly J. Dunton

    Watch a demonstration of this classic Arts and Crafts finishing technique

  • Color Matching WoodsVideo: Color Matching Woods

    with Mark Schofield

    A finish of dye, shellac, and wax brings a rich, consistent color to three different woods in a Chippendale mirror

  • Creative Bleaching TechniquesCreative Bleaching Techniques

    by Jeff Jewitt

    Most woodworkers turn to bleach to get rid of unwanted stains but often overlook the medium's creative potential. Jeff Jewitt gives step-by-step directions to create ...

  • A Classic Walnut FinishA Classic Walnut Finish

    by Mario Rodriguez

    Create an antique and durable finish on walnut with a combination of stains, shellac, and glaze

  • Pitfalls of Finishing PinePitfalls of Finishing Pine

    by Jeff Jewitt

    Cross-grain scratches, bleeding pitch, and blotchy staining can mar your finish if you don't use proper techniques

  • Combining Dyes and StainsCombining Dyes and Stains

    by Paul Snyder

    You may think that the only reason to dye or stain a piece of furniture is to change its color, but many more subtle changes are possible. With dyes and stains ...

  • All About Coloring WoodAll About Coloring Wood

    by William Duckworth

  • Protect Inlay with Selective StainingProtect Inlay with Selective Staining

    by Jeff Jewitt

    Master finisher Jeff Jewitt explains a technique for staining a piece without staining the stringing. Step by step, he details how he protects the unstained areas. ...

  • Ebonizing White OakVideo: Ebonizing White Oak

    with Matt Berger

    Stain wood black with this homemade solution

  • Easy-to-Make Stains Offer Unique EffectsEasy-to-Make Stains Offer Unique Effects

    by Jeff Jewitt

    Jeff Jewitt's favorite chemical stains are ferrous sulfate, iron buff, and sodium carbonate. In this short article, he describes how to mix and apply these easily ...

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