Tage Frid advises woodworkers not to underestimate the power of details. To demonstrate how these little touches can change and enhance a piece, he made two identical chests of drawers but gave each a distinct personality. Both have concave sides, a sweeping, curved bevel on the fronts of their flat tops and bottoms, dovetailed drawers, and curved pediments; one chest has a concave front and concave drawer fronts, whil the other has a straight front with convex drawer fronts. Frid explains how to make the carcases, how to rout the spline mortises and shape the carcase top and sides, and how to assemble the piece – both dry-run and final. He details the drawers and finishing. When inspected closely, the two chests appear to be different designs. A project plan and a bill of materials accompany the article.

From Fine Woodworking #86