Building a pool table is somewhat intimidating, Paul M. Bowman admits, because of the size and the weight it must support. However, it doesn’t involve anything that’s beyond a weekend woodworker with the gumption to take on a large project. The table he explains how to make is built much like high-end commercial pool tables. Each section of the three-piece slate is glued to a wood liner and then screwed, but not glued, to the main table body, a box whose sides incline down and in at 15 degrees. He explains how to do that, how to screw and glue a 2x8 leg support, and attach the legs with lag screws or hanger bolts. Then he talks about how to bolt on the rails, which support the cushions and pockets, and an apron (or blind, as it’s called on pool tables). Side information discusses covering the rails and slate bed.

From Fine Woodworking #75