Entertainment centers aren't what they used to be. Today's slim televisions and home-theater equipment demand sleek, low consoles that can be adapted to house all manner of media and electronics. Steve Casey, who specializes in such cabinetry, designed this console for a self-contained home-theater system, and it would adapt well to almost any large TV system. While low enough to place the center of most TVs at eye level for a seated viewer, it's deep enough to house most electronic components and strong enough to support any set. The deep drawers are designed to hold DVDs and VCR tapes, and the back is engineered for ventilation, with plenty of room for cables. Constructed of cherry plywood with biscuit-and-screw joinery, the case has solid-wood edging that elevates the look, and a melamine back and drawer bottoms to add strength and stability.

From Fine Woodworking #200