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Rough lumber is just that -- rough lumber. It often comes with dimensional distortions like twists and warps. A jointer corrects these problems and produces lumber that’s truly ready to be worked -- straight, flat and square. What Counts: • Flatness
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  • How to Tune Up Any JointerEditors PickHow to Tune Up Any Jointer

    by Roland Johnson

    There are two keys to a smooth-running jointer: tables that are perfectly parallel and sharp knives that are set to the identical height. A jointer with sagging ...

  • Upgrade Your Jointer with a Segmented CutterheadEditors PickVideo: Upgrade Your Jointer with a Segmented Cutterhead

    with Roland Johnson

    Learn step-by-step techniques for upgrading a jointer with a state-of-the-art segmented cutterhead

  • Jointer Tables Should Be Both Parallel and FlatQ & A: Jointer Tables Should Be Both Parallel and Flat

    by Roland Johnson

  • Joinery ShootoutJoinery Shootout

    by Thomas McKenna

    When designing a piece of furniture, how do you decide on the joinery? Chances are aesthetics, efficiency, and available tools factor into the decision. But so ...

  • Jointer/Planer ChangeoverVideo: Jointer/Planer Changeover

    with David Heim

    See how these combination machines change from one tool to another

  • Tool Test: Jointer/Planer Combo MachinesTool Test: Jointer/Planer Combo Machines

    by Roland Johnson

    Combination jointer/planers, widely used in Europe but still relatively rare in the United States, maximize shop space. Instead of buying a large, pricey jointer ...

  • 8-in. Jointers Under $1,4008-in. Jointers Under $1,400

    by William Duckworth

    Anyone shopping for an 8-in. jointer has plenty of options. Contributing editor William Duckworth tested 11 machines ranging in price from $650 to $1,350, putting ...

  • Get the Most From Your JointerGet the Most From Your Jointer

    by J. Speetjens

    Straight, flat stock is the foundation of any well-made workpiece. That's why the jointer is such a critical piece of machinery for the shop. But in addition to ...

  • Grizzly Tops Jointer ReviewVideo: Grizzly Tops Jointer Review

    with William Duckworth

    Long table, good fit and finish, earn Grizzly's 8-in. jointer our Best Overall award

  • Yorkcraft Jointer a Good ValueVideo: Yorkcraft Jointer a Good Value

    with William Duckworth

    Casters and rack-and-pinion fence earn the low-cost Yorkcraft jointer our Best Value award

  • 8-in. JointersVideo: 8-in. Jointers

    with William Duckworth

    Many jointers look alike, but a closer inspection of the details separate some from the pack

  • All About JointersAll About Jointers

    by Scott Gibson

  • The Jointer and Planer Are a TeamThe Jointer and Planer Are a Team

    by Gary Rogowski

    Armed with both, you can flatten boards to any thickness

  • Tool Test: 6-Inch JointersTool Test: 6-Inch Jointers

    by William Duckworth

    If you are serious about building furniture or cabinets, you need lumber that has at least one straight edge and one flat face. That's what jointers do to boards, ...

  • My Five Essential Power ToolsMy Five Essential Power Tools

    by Gary Rogowski

    Veteran woodworker Gary Rogowski offers his perspective on how he’d buy machines for his shop if he had to start all over again. This article should help you figure ...

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Powermatic - Helical Cutterhead

This cutterhead can be used with several Jet and Powermatic jointerss, planers, and planer/jointers.

Byrd Tool Corp. - Byrd Shelix

(5 user reviews)

The Byrd Shelix cutterhead can be retrofitted to fit many different machines.

Grizzly Industrial - Spiral Cutterhead

(1 user review)

Although Grizzly’s cutters face forward, they are arranged in spiral rows.

Shinmax Industrry Co. LTD. - Accu-Head

The teeth on the Accu-Head face forward, and are arranged in a steep spiral with the teeth staggered for overlapped cutting.

Laguna - ShearTec II

ShearTec II cutterheads can be used with Laguna planers, jointers and planer/jointers.

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