PM1800 18-in. Bandsaw - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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PM1800 18-in. Bandsaw

Powermatic - PM1800 18-in. Bandsaw

$3,900 (As of 10/29/2009)

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Editor's Review: PWBS-14CS 14-in. Bandsaw

by Roland Johnson

review date: October 29, 2009

The Powermatic PM1800 ($3,900) is a zero-compromise machine. Clearly the designers put an emphasis on function rather than cost, a point exemplified by its hulking 805 lb. The stout frame and guides, massive upper wheel assembly, and threaded blade tensioner can easily support the widest resaw blades. A 24-in. square table, split front to back for easy blade changes, offers great workpiece support and mounts on massive cast-iron trunnions. Table tilt is controlled by a rack-and-pinion assembly with an 8-in. handwheel. The 18-in. throat and resaw measurements and a standard 5 hp, 240-volt motor provide plenty of capacity and power to handle the widest boards and thickest planks. With nicely sized, chrome-plated thumbscrews, the roller blade guides are easily adjusted and maintain their settings. The thrust bearing is grooved to better support narrow blades, a feature that’s unique to Powermatic.

The large, dual-position aluminum fence provides 6-1/2 in. of support for resawing and a short 1/2-in. face for close guide support when ripping thin material.The Powermatic is quiet, almost scary quiet, powerful, easy to set up, and as stout as any big, vintage cast-iron bandsaw.

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Editor Test Results:

Blade Changing N/A
Table Flatness N/A
Frame Deflection N/A
Wheel Alignment N/A
Runout N/A
Tension N/A
Quality of Cut N/A
Table-Lock Effectiveness N/A

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Powermatic
Manufacturer's Web Site
Manufacturer's Phone Number 1-800-274-6848
Rip Fence Included N/A
Riser Block Option N/A
Rip Capacity 18 in.
Guide Type N/A
Table Tilt 15° left, 45° right
Table Size 24 in. square
Horsepower 5 hp
Amps 13/6.5 A
Volts 240 v
Speed 1800/4200 SFPM
Blade 1/16 in. to 1-1/2 in. wide
Resaw Capacity 18 in.

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