12-in. Cabinet Tablesaw TS - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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12-in. Cabinet Tablesaw TS

Laguna - 12-in. Cabinet Tablesaw TS

This European-made cabinet saw has a big footprint, a powerful motor, and heavy-duty features.

$2,495 (As of 10/1/2002)

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Editor's Review:

by Strother Purdy

review date: October 1, 2002

From a distance, the new European-made Laguna TS tablesaw looks like an American cabinet saw on steroids. The Laguna is big, with a 31-1/2-in. by 38-in. top and a shipping weight of 998 lbs. The power plant is a 3-1/2-hp, 220-volt motor. The saw accepts both 12-in. and 10-in. blades.

I recently put the Laguna through its paces and discovered several impressive features. The trunnions and the top are fitted to the case with roll pins, so the top can’t move in relationship to the blade. As long as the manufacturer has set the parts properly, you’ll never have to realign the top with the blade. I also like that height-adjusting screws can level the two-part top as well as align the extension table with the top. In addition, the saw includes a splitter that raises and lowers with the sawblade. And the splitter is fully adjustable in all three axes, so it can be aligned perfectly with the blade.

The saw was designed to take an Altendorf-style short-stroke sliding table and a scoring blade attachment. The Laguna’s top is split down the middle, and one half can be removed to make room for the sliding table. They may not be options most amateur woodworkers want to pay for, but it’s nice to have upgrade options.

The quality of this Bulgarian-made saw was both outstanding and lacking. The arbor assembly “beam” is a huge 30-in.-long, 1/2-in.-thick iron casting with 3/4-in.-thick ribs. Amusingly, the case on the tool I looked at was assembled while the paint was still wet, embedding many washers and nut heads. According to a Laguna representative, the company is taking steps to bring the fit and finish up to snuff.

On the other hand, all of the important tolerances were dead on. Right out of the box, the TS was tuned almost to perfection. Arbor runout was a miniscule 0.001 in., even with an extension collar (to use dado blades, you must remove the extension collar). The miter-gauge slots were perfectly parallel to one another and essentially parallel to the blade, out by only 0.003 in. over a 24-in. length. The tops and the throat plate also were flat.

The miter gauge fit perfectly into the slots. There was no side play, yet it moved easily. Whether by design or accident, it’s the first one I’ve seen that didn’t need extensive tune-up to work.

The fence is a functional Biesemeyer copy. And the dust collection worked fine. All things considered, the Laguna TS tablesaw looks to be exceptionally well made, though a little rough on the edges. And it has some neat features. If the price and quality hold steady and the saw earns a reputation for holding up under long-term use, Laguna could give major American saw makers a run for their money.

The TS currently sells for $2,295; add $1,200 for the sliding table and another $500 for the scoring blade attachment.

Previous Review From 6/1/1999:
Out of the box, the Laguna was tuned to near perfection with miniscule arbor runout and miter-gauge slots almost dead-on parallel with the blade. It has nice features such as a splitter that raises and lowers with the sawblade. Its upgrades include a sliding table and a scoring attachment.

Editor Test Results:

Table Flatness 0
Parallel Test Miter slot to fence: 0.003 in. out of parallel
Arbor Runout 0.001 in.
Noise Level N/A

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Laguna
Manufacturer's Web Site www.lagunatools.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number 949-474-1200
Max Rip Capacity 50 in.
Dust Collection 4-in. dust-collection port
Fence Biesemeyer copy
Horsepower 3-1/2 hp
Amps N/A
Volts 220v
Table Size 31-1/2 in. x 38-in.
Blade Size 12 in. and 10 in.
Blade Tilt N/A

I bought my TSS 3 years ago. Great sliding table, scoring option is great too. Nice price tag but overall a great saw. My complaints: Number one and the major reason I will be hard pressed to buy from them again is Customer Service. The angle for the fence was so twisted and bowed I couldn't believe it. rep told me to just bolt it up and it would straighten out. After a weekend of frustration and bending the crap out of the outfeed table I bought a new piece of 4" angle, milled it in my toolshop and had it powder coated and it now works just fine. I'm not bitter about that either, I only paid a little over 6 grand for this saw. It took 6 months to get all the components that were missing when the saw arrived. I wont go in to that nightmare. The miter on the slider has to be manually adjusted to be accurate (no stops). Don't get the extension fence, it is not square once it is extended, they might have mentioned that one up front. I asked for price and delivery on the regular 4' fence but never got that information and gave up. As I said, great saw, as long as you don't have any problems or ever need parts.

I sold my Delta cabinet saw to get the Laguna TSS. I would rather have my delta back. The Laguna is well made but it does have some problems. I have had it about three years. The motor burned out after two months. Laguna sent me a new motor(not the same one; Laguna said they have had trouble with that motor. I wish they had told me that before I bought it). The pulley on the replacement motor did not match up with the saws' pulley. Laguna said to mount the pulley on the shaft backwards. I ask the rep. what will keep the key in and he said to epoxy it. Really! The miter gauge on the sliding table is terrible. It is hard to put on and has no presets. Each time you use it you have to square it to the blade. I am thinking of replacing the sliding table with the regular cast iron top but that's $500.00 plus shipping. Setting the height of the blade is also difficult to do. When you get the height set where you want it and then lock it in, it moves 1/16 to 3/32 inch. It's a lot of fun setting it; measure, set, re-measure, re-set, measure, set, re-measure, re-set, measure (get the picture).

I gave my son my 20 year old Powermatic 66 and I don't regret it for a minute. He is happier than I am because he grew up with that saw and the price was right. The Laguna has a great fit and and finish, very accurate out of the box and I love that riving knife and the Baldor motor. I use my 10"Forrest blades but I like the fact that it can be a 12" saw.The outfeed table is heavy steel and the fence is a Biesmeyerclone but it has phenolic sides that can be replaced easily.I wished the Europeans would surface their cast iron like the Taiwan machines but it is very smooth but not mirror like the Asians.

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