8-in. Jointer G0586 - Fine Woodworking Tool Review
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8-in. Jointer G0586

Grizzly Industrial - 8-in. Jointer G0586

Grizzly's 8-in. jointer is a good machine at a great price.

$625 (As of 3/1/2006)

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Editor's Review: 8-in. Jointers

by William Duckworth

review date: March 1, 2006

When we reviewed 8-in. jointers that sell for less than $1,400 in Fine Woodworking #180, pp. 67-73, we had hoped to include this new jointer from Grizzly, but the models were not yet in stock.

This machine arrived at the Fine Woodworking shop packaged in a sturdy crate. The fence had come loose during shipment, but aside from a minor scratch on the outfeed table, we found no other apparent damage. Once we put it together and ran some tests, we discovered another nice surprise from Grizzly.

The infeed and outfeed tables were not as perfectly flat as those on the other Grizzly jointer we tested (model No. G0500), but at an average of 0.002 in., they were well within the parameters of most manufacturers’ specs.

The knives were razor sharp and set perfectly parallel to the outfeed table, and both tables were set nearly perfectly parallel to one another. The result was evident in the sample cuts on cherry and hard maple made with this machine: smooth and free of even slight veining in the surface.

This jointer has the same standard cast-iron fence found on most of the other machines we tested, but Grizzly has introduced one feature not found on the others. The fence position is controlled by a geared handwheel that moves it back and forth. The gear ratio advances the fence about 1/16 in. per revolution. Another nice feature on this machine is the beefy switch mount made of heavy-gauge steel welded together and bolted to the base. Also, an indicator light on the magnetic switch tells you when it’s powered on. Priced at $625 (the lowest price of those we compared) this machine is an excellent value.

—William Duckworth is a contributing editor

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Editor Test Results:

Average Table Flatness 0.002 in.
Table Alignment (width/length) 0.000 in./0.000 in.
Noise Level 88 db.

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Grizzly Industrial
Manufacturer's Web Site www.grizzly.com
Manufacturer's Phone Number 570-546-9663
Bed Size 9-1/4 in. x 75 in.
Fence Size 3-7/8 in. x 38-1/4 in.
Motor Size 2 hp
Number of Knives 4
Optional Cutterhead Yes

In short this is not a quality machine or company. Do not expect service over the phone or in person. Grizzley makes money selling cheap tools not service. Bearings and shafts are undersized and quality control is non existant.  For a more detailed explanation read below.  I have owned this jointer for 5 years now. I am a professional woodworker and have reasonable expectation for equipment. My tools range from hand saws to $30,000 CNC machines.  I will say that grizzley is the worst company i have ever worked with.  The problems with this machine started from day 1.  When running there was moderate vibration and when you turned the machine off there was a strong vibration and loud noise. Not having seen a grizzly machine run before I thought it was odd so I contacted support. Their support person said this was normal and not to worry. Skip down the road about three years. Vibration seemed to be getting worse and thought the belt needed to be changed. Upon examining the motor pully we found that the keyway on the motor shaft was distorted. Causing the pully to slip during startup and power down. Contacted tech support but since it was out of warranty they were not willing to do anything. After a few hours of machine work and we got the pully properly secured. Skip another year down the road. And we notice that the segmented cutterhead is leaving tracks in the workpiece. After tear apart and inspection we find that the cutterhead shaft is distorted resulting in excess play at the bearing. Again support refused to offer any help other than selling another cutterhead at list price of 500+ back to the machine shop we go. What else is defective? We will just have to wait and see. Save your money, buy a good machine and buy once.

What can I say for the price its a great deal!! The blades are sharp, tables flat, and more than enough power for my needs. My only gripe is that a couple days after ordering Grizzly dropped the price by $100.00. Just my luck, but I'm still very satisfied.

What more can i say, the tables are flat, the knives are set perfect from the factory, and the price is almost half of what other jointers of this size and quality cost. An excellant and recommended machine

I've been shopping for the last 6 months for an 8in jointer. I decided on the Grizzly G0586. I am convinced I made an excellent choice. It is well constructed, finished and powered. The documentation and packaging are also excellent. If you want flat, straight, square and true stock ...look no further. Good job Grizzly!

I purchased the spiral cutterhead version. Well crated. Tables and fence are dead flat. Good fit and finish. On/off switch in nice location. Good power. Spend the extra money and get the spiral cutterhead. It's outstanding. Grizzly is really starting to get a handle on woodworking machinery. The rating above is really a 4.5

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