No longer designed for the single carpentry task of trimming countertop laminate, trim routers have evolved into tools that are perfectly suited to a variety of furniture-making tasks: rounding over and chamfering edges, routing hinge mortises, flush-trimming veneer and edge-banding, routing cavities for inlay, and more. Their small size and light weight makes them agile, so they are easy to move around corners and along curves, and to balance on edges and narrow parts like legs. And they can be used one-handed. To test this new crop of compact routers, Greg Paolini gathered 12 of them in his shop and used them daily to make furniture. Over the course of several months, clear winners emerged.

Routers tested include: DeWalt 611PK, Grizzly H7791, Ridgid R2401, Bosch Colt, DeWalt 26670, Festool MFK 700, Grizzly H7790, Makita 3709, Porter-Cable 450PK, Porter-Cable 7310, Ryobi TR45K, Trend T4.

From Fine Woodworking #220

Watch this video to learn more about trim routers