The pool of jointer-planer combo machines has grown in the five years since we tested this machine, which blends a wide jointer with an industrial-strength planer. With North American manufacturers now building less-expensive models, Roland Johnson put five machines with a street price under $2,400 to the test. The big question was: What do you lose, if anything, by going with one of these less-expensive models? To test the machines, Johnson milled an array of exotic, domestic, and figured wood—all of which are commonly used to make furniture. He also timed each machine’s changeover, which is the time it takes to convert the machine between jointing and planing modes. He also tested the machines’ dust-collection mechanisms, and evaluated their general performance.

Models tested include: Grizzly G0634XP, Jet JJP-12, Rikon 25-200, Grizzly G0675, Rikon 25-010

From Fine Woodworking #225