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Industrial Machinery

Shapers and combination machines, to name a few, are powerful woodworking tools more commonly found in professional and production woodshops.The Basics: • Shapers: A powerful alternative to the router table. • Combination machines: Five functions wrapped
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Hammer - A3 31 Jointer/Planer Combo Machine

(8 user reviews)

Hammer's jointer planer features cartridge knife inserts that are easy to change, a Euro-style cutterhead guard and a 50 in. long jointer bed

Felder USA - FD 250 Slot Mortiser

On industrial slot mortisers, the head moves, not the table, and the action is smoother. Also, there are better clamping options and stops. The Felder has a clever fence that locks onto the table at 45º and 90º.

Craftsman - CompuCarve

(5 user reviews)

This benchtop CNC machine from Craftsman allows you to crosscut, edge-rout, bevel, joint, and miter using a numerical keypad on the side of the machine

Rojek - MSP 315 Jointer/Planer Combo Machine

Rojek's MSP 315 jointer planer features standard cutterhead knives, a Euro-style cutterhead guard and a 59-in.-long jointer bed

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