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R.A. Salaman’s Dictionary of Woodworking Tools devotes 17 pages to chisels -- many that would be familiar to contemporary woodworkers but many others whose long-lost purposes we can only wonder about. The sheer number of chisel varieties is a reflection
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  • Tools for CarvingTools for Carving

    by Ian Agrell

    Professional carver Ian Agrell starts with questions when suggesting what tools to buy: What sort of carving do you want to do? What size? What woods? Then he gets ...

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Carter & Son - Turning Tools

Handles are aircraft grade aluminum

Lie-Nielsen - Dowel Plate

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Dowel plates turn scrapwood into dowels and pegs

Veritas - Dowel Plate and Formers

Dowel plates turn scrapwood into dowels and pegs

Veritas - String Inlay Tool

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The various parts of the string inlay kit can be configured to perform a range of tasks

Woodcraft - Pinnacle Spokeshaves

Woodcraft has introduced two spokeshaves under its Pinnacle brand: a flat-sole model (No. 151) and a curved sole cousin (No. 151-1/2).

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