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AWFS Tool News: Pinnacle Bench is Ready to Work Out of the Box

comments (3) July 22nd, 2011 in blogs

Tom Tom McKenna, Managing Editor
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We may just have to call in one of Woodcrafts Pinnacle workbenches for a serious review.
The front vise comes installed.
Ditto for the tail vise, which can be super tricky to install, even for a seasoned pro.
We may just have to call in one of Woodcrafts Pinnacle workbenches for a serious review. - CLICK TO ENLARGE

We may just have to call in one of Woodcraft's Pinnacle workbenches for a serious review.

It's not all about power tools here at AWFS. In the Woodcraft booth they are showing off one of the new Pinnacle Cabinetmaker Workbenches.

I have to admit, when I first saw the photos of the premade benches in the catalog, I was skeptical about the girth of the base pieces. Not any more. The solid-beech bench looks to be rock solid up top and down below.

There are two sizes being sold. The larger bench, which is on display here, is 33 in. wide by 37 1/2 in. tall by 94 in. long. The smaller bench is 29 in. wide by 36 1/2 in. tall by 72 in. long.


The larger Pinnacle model was getting one heck of a workout over at the Woodcraft booth, where demos were being performed throughout the day. click to enlarge 


The benches come complete with all you need to get woodworking, including a front vise and tail vise, installed out of the box. That's a plus for folks who want to get to work fast without having the hassle of installing a tail vise, which is a tricky job even for experienced woodworkers. The top is predrilled for a row of benchdogs, and it has a handy tool trough in back. The only thing you'll have to assemble out of the box is the trestle base, which looks pretty simple to do.

The large bench sells for $1,800, the smaller one for $1,500. Both are available now. For more info, go to

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Comments (3)

obwoodworker obwoodworker writes: Much heavier than the Sjoberg. I would consider cutting down the larger one. If you do it on the main vise end you cold remount and save the rest of the top for an auxillary bench. you would just need to build two extra base legs
Posted: 8:04 pm on March 15th

obwoodworker obwoodworker writes: bought one on clearance from woodcraft, now 1529 for larger Bench, needs beefed up on base, but a good deal
Posted: 8:02 pm on March 15th

el_ocsuro el_ocsuro writes: I like that Pinnacle is made in the USA. Unfortunately, I can't find their smaller workbench anymore, and I don't have enough room for the big one. I guess I'll have to get one of those Swedish imports (or make my own)
Posted: 7:54 pm on March 12th

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