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The shop with the finish room in the foreground
porch with safety speed cut, ply and lumber storage shed with sawdust blower at rear, seperate sawdust storage shed to right
interior first floor looking from east to west. note handy two saw set up, both saws with foot activated off switches.  the front and back doors are aligned with the delta saw allowing us to rip lumber of theoretically unlimited length,
view from the same place, looking east to south .. Note placement of jointer and planer to allow both jointing and planing by one person at the same time.  also note sanders, both on mobile bases with under the floor dust collection
chop saw and radial set to same fence for both rough and finish cuts.  auto on vacuum on chop saw gets some of the dust
this is the space we use for larger projects.  the cabinet/bench is on wheels and can be rolled around to accomodate different set ups.  There are outlets at every corner, with a single plug in cord.  There are outlets in the floor to accomodate that.  Bench size is 44 x 96 and there are drawers on both sides.
workspace two for medium or not so medium projects.  has a pattern vise for irregular clamping and is also on wheels ... Theres a sink there and another work area with a vise and more drawers and the stereo
small space where I work when Im in the shop.  gray thing in foreground is a covered router table on wheels .. the top unclips and lifts off
flexible work bench #4 on wheels with the lathe against the wall and racks for acclimating lumber to the shop environment.
there is a workspace upstairs with a 50 x 100 multicam cnc that you can see at this link
This is my seat in the office ... There is another computer workstation for Sam or Will on the opposite wall where they do their drawings and emailing and a laptop in the adjoining room where Trevor runs the cnc
the finish sample wall ... a very helpful feature for folks who come to design their furniture .. This photo is also good for emailing to prospective clients ...
The shop with the finish room in the foreground - CLICK TO ENLARGE

The shop with the finish room in the foreground

Photo: all photos by Dan Mosheim

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  • Location: dorset, Vermont, +/- 4000 total + the metal shop
  • Size: detsq. ft.
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Dorset Custom Furniture is a five man custom furniture and metal shop in Dorset, Vermont, in business since 1980. We have a two story 30 x 40 open plan main building with a wheelchair equipped 4.5' high crawl space for storage, and a stand up attic with room for lumber up to 12' in length. We also have an outdoor porch with a safety speed cut panel saw and lumber and plywood storage, as well as a free standing sawdust shed and a seperate 16 x 22 building where we do all of our finishing. There is also a separate metal shop at the house which you can see at this link .  You can see how things progress through our shop and how the space is flexible to accomodate many different types of projects on our Dorset Custom Furniture blog. These same photos and 12 others are on my blog in a larger fromat, higher resolution version ... I hope to add plan view CAD drawings to that post for my own records in the near future ... Check it out if you have a minute

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danmosheim danmosheim writes: the virus issue was something only a very few people encountered, and it has been corrected now. there was never any danger to your ocmputer ... sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the heads up ...dan
Posted: 11:34 pm on May 21st

Jiffy_jon Jiffy_jon writes: On one of your pictures there is a link to your CNC room. When I click on that link, a window opens, and I get a message from my Vipre antivirus that says a known trojan was blocked from downloading. You should check this out. Nice shop. I am envious.
Posted: 2:13 pm on April 2nd

JohnAIA JohnAIA writes: Dan, you have a very nice shop that is well planned and thought out. I see that you use the same solution for cutoffs as I--garbage cans!!
Posted: 5:47 pm on March 30th

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