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VIDEO REPLAY: Tenon Shootout: Hand vs. Power Tools

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TAKE OUR SURVEY? What did you think of the show?

Watch the recorded video from our live online event where two experts faced off to find the best way to cut a tenon: hand tools or the tablesaw/dado-set method. This was recorded live on Jan. 21.

Hand tools? Associate editor Matt Kenney advocates the hand-tool-only technique. He says that cutting tenons doesn't take much longer by hand than it does to stack a dado cutter at the tablesaw.

Power tools? Art director Michael Pekovich, however, disagrees, saying that cutting tenons at the tablesaw with a dado blade is the best way.

So Pekovich challenged Kenney to a showdown.

The pair battled it out for an article for our January/February issue (FWW #210) and then they did a live rematch in front of our cameras and a studio audience Jan. 21. See photos of the event taken by a studio audience member here.

This showdown was our second live event. We broadcast a surface-prep battle in November where Pekovich faced off against magazine editor Asa Christiana and clobbered him in a different hand-versus-power-tool battle. Watch the recap of that show here.

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Credits: Producer: Gina Eide; Technical director: Dariusz Kanarek; Cameras: Ed Pirnik, John Ross; Marketing: Missy Robinson, Online chat moderator: Matt Berger; Production assistant: Steve Scott; Advertising: Linda Abbett, Megan Kolakowski; Shop manager: Robert Nash; Video editors: Gary Junken, Mike Dobsevage; Graphics: Michael Amaditz.

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