This is a very easy technique for bending thin strips of wood to virtually any shape. Better yet, the simple apparatus is made from a few hardware-store parts. You hold a strip of wood against a section of metal pipe heated by a propane torch. On the side in contact with the pipe, the lignin bond between the wood fibers is softened by the heat until it is pliable enough to bend partially around the pipe.

More on Hot-Pipe Bending

Part One: Introduction (now playing)
Part Two: Free-Form Bending
Part Three: Bending Furniture Parts

Unlike steam-bending, there is no need to construct a large steambox or substantial bending forms. The curved sides of musical instruments such as guitars and violins have traditionally been made this way, but Fortune uses the technique to bend door pulls, curved moldings, salad tongs, back slats for chairs, and many other items.

Read more on Fortune's technique in The Magic of Hot-Pipe Bending from FWW #205.