Reproduction - Fine Woodworking How-To


  • Out of the Past and into the PresentOut of the Past and into the Present

    by Anissa Kapsales

    Learn tips on reproducing period furniture using books, a trip to see the original, and a full-size plan

  • A Woodworker's OdysseyA Woodworker's Odyssey

    by Joel Ficke

    How learning from the pros can propel your woodworking skill level to unimagined heights

  • An Antique Painted FinishAn Antique Painted Finish

    by Dan Faia

    Dan Faia lays out a simple procedure for duplicating a 200-year-old painted finish in just a few days. His technique incorporates alternate layers of wax and milk ...

  • Scaling Furniture from PhotosScaling Furniture from Photos

    by Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez

    Have you ever wanted to build a piece of furniture after seeing it in a photograph? This article by Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez provides step-by-step instructions to create ...

  • Shaping Cabriole LegsShaping Cabriole Legs

    by Lonnie Bird

    Nothing symbolizes 18th-century furniture more than the cabriole leg, and it’s easy to make, says Lonnie Bird. In this article, he shows how to establish proportions, ...

  • Federal-Style Oval InlaysFederal-Style Oval Inlays

    by Steve Latta

    Steve Latta loves to cut inlays, and he shares his enthusiasm here as he shows how to cut a leaf-and-thistle oval inlay. Patterns of classic ovals may be hard to ...

  • Going Over EdgesGoing Over Edges

    by Will Neptune

    Will Neptune focuses on 18th-century edges in this article, which illustrates how small details distinguish one style from another. In designing a piece, he suggests ...

  • Stickley-Style LegsStickley-Style Legs

    by Patrick Nelson

    Patrick Nelson explains the unique way Stickley furniture legs are designed to show figure on all four sides. His method is slightly updated, because the shaper ...

  • Router-Assisted Cockleshell CarvingRouter-Assisted Cockleshell Carving

    by Howard Wing

    Howard Wing figured out a router setup that could shape the basic spherical surface of a cockleshell as well as rough out the flutes. He developed a two-axis router ...

  • Carving a Ball-and-Claw FootCarving a Ball-and-Claw Foot

    by Mack S. Headley, Jr.

    Mack Headley, Jr., studied the furniture and carving of Peter Scott, a cabinetmaker who worked in Williamsburg, Virginia, from the early 1720s to the mid-1770s. ...

  • Shaping a Cabriole LegShaping a Cabriole Leg

    by Eugene E. Landon

    Making matching cabriole legs seems to require genius, but Eugene E. Landon thinks they’re a breeze to make. Shaping the plain legs for a Queen Anne or Chippendale ...

  • Cabriole KneesCabriole Knees

    by Mack S. Headley, Jr.

    Colonial Williamsburg cabinetmaker Mack Headley explains how to make a leaf pattern on a cabriole leg adapted from one found on a chair from the 1740s. It’s a strong, ...

  • Fox WedgingFox Wedging

    by Alasdair G.B. Wallace

    Alasdair G. B. Wallace made joynt stools using fox wedges, which expand the tenon within the mortise. The stools are traditionally made with green wood, which he ...

  • Cabriole LegsCabriole Legs

    by Philip C. Lowe

    Philip C. Lowe reviews the history of the cabriole leg and its foot styles and explains how to make a Queen Anne style leg, which terminates in a spoon foot, also ...

  • How to Make a Molding PlaneHow to Make a Molding Plane

    by Norman L. Vandal

    Norman Vandal can’t get along without his set of old molding planes. But when he needed a plane he didn’t have, he made one. Here, he explains how in a way that ...

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