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Milling Lumber

Square and straight stock is essential to woodworking. If you lay a foundation of accuracy when milling lumber, then your joinery and assembly have a much better chance of going together smoothly and sweetly. The Basics: • Select quality lumber: A badly
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  • Lumber from Your Own BackyardLumber from Your Own Backyard

    by Gus Carlson

    Hiring a sawyer to bring in a portable bandsaw mill is a great way to get lumber at a good price, writes Gus Carlson, who harvests, saws, and dries wood for a living. ...

  • A Game Plan for Big Cabinet JobsA Game Plan for Big Cabinet Jobs

    by John W. West

    John W. West explains starts big jobs (like putting in a library) by making painstaking measurements on story poles, choosing materials, and tuning up his equipment. ...

  • Manufacturing VeneerManufacturing Veneer

    by William Duckworth

    William Duckworth of Fine Woodworking visited three veneer manufacturing plants to see just how veneer is made. He describes the equipment used to cut the burls, ...

  • An Edge-Jointing PrimerAn Edge-Jointing Primer

    by Gary Rogowski

    There was a time when Gary Rogowski was convinced that his jointer was possessed. Since then, he’s discovered that edge-jointing problems, though common, are almost ...

  • Resawing on the BandsawResawing on the Bandsaw

    by Ronald Volbrecht

    Ronald Volbrecht makes guitars from extremely rare hardwoods. When it’s time to resaw these irreplaceable planks, he doesn’t want anything to go wrong. Over the ...

  • Flattening Wide Panels by HandFlattening Wide Panels by Hand

    by William Tandy Young

    William Tandy Young flattens larger panels two ways: if he has a lot of them, he takes them to a local millwork shop. If he has just a few, he gets out the hand ...

  • Sheet Goods for the WoodshopSheet Goods for the Woodshop

    by William Duckworth

    Hardwood plywood revolutionized the furniture and cabinet trades, writes William Duckworth of Fine Woodworking. He talked to a number of custom woodworking shop ...

  • Buying LumberBuying Lumber

    by Vincent Laurence

    Roughsawn boards are enough to send Vincent Laurence of Fine Woodworking daydreaming about projects. He explains here how to find what you’re looking for and what ...

  • Flat, Straight and SquareFlat, Straight and Square

    by Peter Korn

    If you’ve attempted to dovetail cupped boards or build a frame-and-panel door from bowed lumber, you know how frustrating it is to work with poorly prepared stock. ...

  • Cutting Sheet Goods Down to SizeCutting Sheet Goods Down to Size

    by Charley Robinson

    Charley Robinson evaluates three guide systems for cutting plywood with a circular saw: the Exac-T-Guide, Glide-Easy Saw, and Blade Runner II. They all use a carriage ...

  • Surfacing Stock with a RouterSurfacing Stock with a Router

    by Tim Hanson

    Tim Hanson built a router/planer that holds boards without clamping out twists or bends, while showing him where the plane is in relation to the board. It’s made ...

  • Machining Stock to DimensionMachining Stock to Dimension

    by Roger Holmes

    The process of accurately dimensioning lumber lacks the romance of cutting beautiful joints, but it is fundamental to quality woodworking. Roger Holmes suggests ...

  • Starting Out: Build and Fit a Basic DrawerStarting Out: Build and Fit a Basic Drawer

    by Roger Holmes

    In this, the fourth of a series of articles on starting out, author Roger Holmes discusses how to build and fit a basic drawer. He says that making drawers can ...

  • Hardwood Lumber GradesHardwood Lumber Grades

    by David Sloan

    David Sloan used to bluff his way through lumberyards, until it cost him time and money. In this article, he shares what he’s learned in books and through three-day ...

  • Starting Out: Edge-Joining for the BeginnerStarting Out: Edge-Joining for the Beginner

    by Roger Holmes

    Roger Holmes has written a series of articles to help beginning woodworkers get going with the craft. In this article, the first of four, he addresses edge-joining, ...

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