Inlay - Fine Woodworking How-To


  • String Inlay Made EasyString Inlay Made Easy

    by Michael C. Fortune

    String inlay is a decorative technique that can add instant appeal to a chair back, tabletop, jewelry box, or other piece of furniture. And while you could use ...

  • Japanese LatticeJapanese Lattice

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Learn how John Reed Fox assembled the decorative latticework in his cabinet, featured on the back cover. From Fine Woodworking #226...

  • Sand-Shading Brings Marquetry and Inlay to LifeSand-Shading Brings Marquetry and Inlay to Life

    by Paul Schürch

    Sand shading, a technique of scorching a piece of veneer along one edge to create a shadow, brings marquetry pictures to life. Learn a low-tech, traditional method ...

  • Exotic InlaysExotic Inlays

    by Craig Thibodeau

    Inspired by a guitar maker, Craig Thibodeau decided to explore the use of exotic materials for inlay in furniture making. Learn how he uses materials such as abalone, ...

  • Dress Up Your Work With Creative StringingDress Up Your Work With Creative Stringing

    by Steve Latta

    Inlay is one of Steve Latta's favorite ways to personalize his work, and he uses a technique that allows him to cut consistent grooves whether the inlay pattern ...

  • Give Legs a Kick with Dazzling InlayGive Legs a Kick with Dazzling Inlay

    by Garrett Hack

    Add spark to your furniture designs with inlaid panels. By adding a simple rectangular panel of crotched wood surrounded by a contrasting dot-and-dash border at ...

  • New Spin on Fan InlaysNew Spin on Fan Inlays

    by Garrett Hack

    Garrett Hack takes a modern approach to a classic inlay form, the quarter-circle fan. This is a motif used frequently on 18th-century Federal furniture, but it ...

  • Segmented Stringing Dazzles and UnifiesSegmented Stringing Dazzles and Unifies

    by Thomas McKenna

    How a veteran woodworker uses thin strips of holly and ebony to accent his furniture

  • Letter Inlay TechniqueVideo: Letter Inlay Technique

    with Steve Latta

    See how to cut, bend, and inset holly stringing to form letters

  • Inlay Made Easy: Blank CuttingVideo: Inlay Made Easy: Blank Cutting

    with Mark Laub

    How to design, create, and shade a precise inlay blank of veneer

  • Inlay Made Easy: Carving the Perfect CavityVideo: Inlay Made Easy: Carving the Perfect Cavity

    with Mark Laub

    Exacting techniques to create an inlay cavity using hand and power tools

  • Inlay Made Easy: Intro to EmbellishmentVideo: Inlay Made Easy: Intro to Embellishment

    with Mark Laub

    Transform an ordinary piece of furniture into something spectacular

  • Inlay Made Easy: Metal AccentsVideo: Inlay Made Easy: Metal Accents

    with Mark Laub

    Simple techniques with solder create the look of antique pewter

  • Inlay a Square PegVideo: Inlay a Square Peg

    with Gary Rogowski

    Use a mix of hand and power tools to cut the peg mortise and shape the beveled edge once it's installed

  • Make an Oval Fan InlayVideo: Make an Oval Fan Inlay

    with John Gush

    A fast and repeatable method for cutting, shading, and assembling the veneers on this Federal-period decoration

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