From quick and easy to hand-cut and fussy, there are a number of ways to design and construct drawers for furniture. Depending on the project and your skill level, consider these options before you get started:The Basics: • Choose a method of construction:
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  • Fast Fix: Build a Spring-Loaded Drawer StopVideo: Fast Fix: Build a Spring-Loaded Drawer Stop

    with Ed Pirnik

    Learn how to build a wooden drawer stop that keeps toddlers safe without the hassle of a mortised locked set

  • 4 Steps to a Sweet-Fitting Drawer4 Steps to a Sweet-Fitting Drawer

    by Rob Porcaro

    This step-by-step procedure for fitting a drawer comes from Rob Porcaro's years of experience making furniture. The key is that it does not compound errors as you ...

  • Persuit of PerfectionPersuit of Perfection

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Peter Shepard has been designing and building furniture full time ever since he quit his job as a book editor to study the craft at the North Bennet Street School. ...

  • How to Build Solid Drawer BottomsHow to Build Solid Drawer Bottoms

    by Garrett Hack

    Garrett Hack has repaired more than a few solid-wood drawer bottoms in his day, but he hasn't lost his enthusiasm for this construction method. Plywood might be ...

  • Cut Slotted Screw Holes in a Drawer BottomQ & A: Cut Slotted Screw Holes in a Drawer Bottom

    by Michael Pekovich

  • The Ins and Outs of Drawer StopsThe Ins and Outs of Drawer Stops

    by Peter Turner

    What's the first thing you do when looking at a piece of fine furniture? Chances are, if the piece contains drawers, you pull one out. You're looking for well-crafted ...

  • Illustrated Guide to DrawersIllustrated Guide to Drawers

    by Matthew Teague

    At their essence, drawers are simple things--just boxes that slide into an opening in a case or table. But there are so many different ways to design and make a ...

  • Upgrading a side tableUpgrading a side table

    by Peter Turner

    How to retrofit a drawer with a solid-bottom, step by step. Plus, the right way to attach a slate top

  • How to Tackle a Serpentine DrawerHow to Tackle a Serpentine Drawer

    by Jeff Headley

    The simple, pleasing shape of a serpentine drawer front is not all that simple to design and construct. Jeff Headley first builds a core from layers of a secondary ...

  • Introduction to DovetailsVideo: Introduction to Dovetails

    with Chris Gochnour

    Take your joinery to a new level by learning how to make handcut dovetails. See how it's done in the latest episode of this online classroom

  • Through Dovetails: Laying out and Cutting the TailsVideo: Through Dovetails: Laying out and Cutting the Tails

    with Chris Gochnour

    In this installment of our online classroom, Gochnour explains how to lay out and cut the tails for a through dovetail joint

  • Through Dovetails: Laying Out and Cutting the PinsVideo: Through Dovetails: Laying Out and Cutting the Pins

    with Chris Gochnour

    Complete the joint by laying out and cutting the pins. Gochnour shows how it's done in this episode of our online classroom

  • An easy way to make multiple drawersVideo: An easy way to make multiple drawers

    with Chris Gochnour

    Learn how to cut tongue-and-groove joints to assemble many drawers quickly, in part five of this video workshop

  • Center Guides for DrawersCenter Guides for Drawers

    by Mark Edmundson

    Center guides are a simple and effective way to make drawers run straight and true without binding. They are especially useful in cases with very wide drawers, ...

  • Finishing a DrawerFinishing a Drawer

    by Jeff Jewitt

    Drawers can be problematic when it comes to finishing. Internal corners either get too little finish or too much; the drawer has to transition from the visible ...

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