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From quick and easy to hand-cut and fussy, there are a number of ways to design and construct drawers for furniture. Depending on the project and your skill level, consider these options before you get started:The Basics: • Choose a method of construction:
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  • Workbench Tool Storage SolutionsEditors PickVideo: Workbench Tool Storage Solutions

    with Ed Pirnik

    Learn how to outfit a set of workbench drawers with a variety of customized tool storage solutions as Ed Pirnik outfits his Not-So-Big Workbench with chisel and ...

  • The Secrets WithinThe Secrets Within

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Learn some of the secrets within Silas Kopf's cabinet, where all is not as it seems.

  • All-Wood Drawer SlidesAll-Wood Drawer Slides

    by Rob Hare

    These drawer slides support a drawer when it is pulled completely out of the case, and they are attractive and fit well with the look of fine furniture. Using this ...

  • How to Handle Cross-Grain VeneerQ & A: How to Handle Cross-Grain Veneer

    by David Welter

  • Fast Fix: Build a Spring-Loaded Drawer StopVideo: Fast Fix: Build a Spring-Loaded Drawer Stop

    with Ed Pirnik

    Learn how to build a wooden drawer stop that keeps toddlers safe without the hassle of a mortised locked set

  • 4 Steps to a Sweet-Fitting Drawer4 Steps to a Sweet-Fitting Drawer

    by Rob Porcaro

    This step-by-step procedure for fitting a drawer comes from Rob Porcaro's years of experience making furniture. The key is that it does not compound errors as you ...

  • Persuit of PerfectionPersuit of Perfection

    by Jonathan Binzen

    Peter Shepard has been designing and building furniture full time ever since he quit his job as a book editor to study the craft at the North Bennet Street School. ...

  • How to Build Solid Drawer BottomsHow to Build Solid Drawer Bottoms

    by Garrett Hack

    Garrett Hack has repaired more than a few solid-wood drawer bottoms in his day, but he hasn't lost his enthusiasm for this construction method. Plywood might be ...

  • Cut Slotted Screw Holes in a Drawer BottomQ & A: Cut Slotted Screw Holes in a Drawer Bottom

    by Michael Pekovich

  • The Ins and Outs of Drawer StopsThe Ins and Outs of Drawer Stops

    by Peter Turner

    What's the first thing you do when looking at a piece of fine furniture? Chances are, if the piece contains drawers, you pull one out. You're looking for well-crafted ...

  • Illustrated Guide to DrawersIllustrated Guide to Drawers

    by Matthew Teague

    At their essence, drawers are simple things--just boxes that slide into an opening in a case or table. But there are so many different ways to design and make a ...

  • Upgrading a side tableUpgrading a side table

    by Peter Turner

    How to retrofit a drawer with a solid-bottom, step by step. Plus, the right way to attach a slate top

  • How to Tackle a Serpentine DrawerHow to Tackle a Serpentine Drawer

    by Jeff Headley

    The simple, pleasing shape of a serpentine drawer front is not all that simple to design and construct. Jeff Headley first builds a core from layers of a secondary ...

  • Introduction to DovetailsVideo: Introduction to Dovetails

    with Chris Gochnour

    Take your joinery to a new level by learning how to make handcut dovetails. See how it's done in the latest episode of this online classroom

  • Through Dovetails: Laying out and Cutting the TailsVideo: Through Dovetails: Laying out and Cutting the Tails

    with Chris Gochnour

    In this installment of our online classroom, Gochnour explains how to lay out and cut the tails for a through dovetail joint

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