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Dovetail Joints

Considered one of the strongest and certainly the most beautiful of joints, the dovetail exacts a stiff price in terms of skill for the strength and good looks it provides. The Basics: • Anatomy of the joint: Pins and tails make a locking joint in a
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  • Making Traditional Dovetailed DrawersMaking Traditional Dovetailed Drawers

    by Janet A. Collins

    Dovetailing a drawer is not the daunting task you might think -- all it requires is a little know-how and practice. Janet A. Collins, an instructor at the North ...

  • Tablesawn DovetailsTablesawn Dovetails

    by Steve Latta

    Steve Latta’s method of cutting dovetails on the tablesaw guarantees accuracy and lets you control spacing and size. It ensures square cuts, helping with an accurate ...

  • Testing Joints to the Breaking PointTesting Joints to the Breaking Point

    by Bruce Gray

    Using the laboratory at the Wood Science and Technology Center of the University of New Brunswick, Bruce Gray tested joints and talked to experts about why joints ...

  • Fine Woodworking, the Dovetail and MeFine Woodworking, the Dovetail and Me

    by Charles Durfee

    The dovetail joint can inspire both confidence and alarm; it can also inspire a lively discussion. Pins first or tails first? Handsaw or machine? In this article ...

  • Joinery for Curved WorkJoinery for Curved Work

    by Garrett Hack

    Curved parts can add physical strength to a design while preserving its visual lightness, according to Garrett Hack who details in this article how to use drawings ...

  • Housed Sliding DovetailsHoused Sliding Dovetails

    by Tony Konovaloff

    Tony Konovaloff makes furniture with a lot of knockdown joints to keep big pieces manageable in his small shop. He devised a strong connection method using housed ...

  • Machine Dovetails by EyeMachine Dovetails by Eye

    by Jeff Miller

    Jeff Miller uses his tablesaw and bandsaw to make dovetails that look hand-cut. He made a tablesaw jig that is fast to set up and helps him cut dovetails of any ...

  • Cutting Through DovetailsCutting Through Dovetails

    by Vincent Laurence

    Vincent Laurence of Fine Woodworking introduces different points of view on cutting through dovetails. He asked Tage Frid and Christian Becksvoort, who have 99 ...

  • Dovetailing Large CarcasesDovetailing Large Carcases

    by Charles Durham, Jr.

    Accurately fitted and squared dovetail corners are crucial to the success of large projects. Here, Charles Durham Jr. details the problems that beset furniture ...

  • Making a Drawer with Half-Blind DovetailsMaking a Drawer with Half-Blind Dovetails

    by Frank Klausz

    Half-blind dovetails are no more difficult to cut than through dovetails. Frank Klausz prefers not to let the joint show through on the face of a piece, so he uses ...

  • Just Plain DrawersJust Plain Drawers

    by John Lively

    John Lively of Fine Woodworking prefers the strength and durability of dovetails when he makes utility drawers, without spending the time it takes to do them by ...

  • Machine-Cut DovetailsMachine-Cut Dovetails

    by Mark Duginske

    Mark Duginske’s method for cutting through dovetails combines hand-tool flexibility with machine-tool speed and accuracy. It’s fast, simple, doesn’t cost much, ...

  • Cross-Grain ConstructionsCross-Grain Constructions

    by Jim Cummins

    Because of the way wood moves, any furniture construction that restricts wood movement by fastening one piece of wood cross-grain to another courts problems. Ways ...

  • Bandsawn DovetailsBandsawn Dovetails

    by Tage Frid

    Using a bandsaw to cut the pins and tails results in something pretty similar to handcut dovetails, says Tage Frid. In this quick article, he offers pointers and ...

  • Three Decorative JointsThree Decorative Joints

    by Tage Frid

    Dovetails are difficult for the beginner, and after helping students over the years fix their mistakes, Tage Frid realized you could outline the whole joint with ...

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