I found Mac Campbell's article, "Barred-Glass Doors" (Fine Woodworking #72) most informative, and I would like to offer a suggestion for cutting precise miters on small-scale stock to augment the methods presented in Campbell's article. I use a miter template as a guide for a paring chisel. I make the template by rabbeting a solid hardwood block into an L-shape and then by cutting the required miter angles on its ends. The miter angles on the template must be accurate, and so you should trim them with a sharp plane and check the angle with a bevel gauge. To use the template, clamp the workpiece and the template together at one end of your vise. Then, using the template as a guide, pare away thin slivers of waste with a sharp chisel.

Fine Woodworking Magazine, February 1991 No. 86 , ,
October 25, 2005