Built a Multidrawer CabinetABOUT THIS PROJECT

Author, woodworker, and teacher Chris Gochnour goes step-by-step through the construction of a versatile Shaker-style 12-drawer wall cabinet. Watch the process on video and download the plan. To ask a question about this project, talk to David Heim, managing editor of FineWoodworking.Com, in the Ask the Experts forum.


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PART ONE: Introduction
Download the plan and see the finished cabinet up close to get a preview of what's to come in this multipart video workshop.
Construct the Case

PART TWO: Cut Precise Dadoes and Rabbets
The success of a project like this depends on meticulous layout, measurement, and joinery. In this episode, see how Gochnour cuts precise dadoes and rabbets to create a case that will hold a dozen evenly spaced drawers.

Construct the Case 

PART THREE: Step-by-Step Case Glue-Up and Assembly
Instruction to execute this complex glue up. Gochnour shares insightful tips and techniques along the way.

Build the Back

PART FOUR: Construct a Frame-and-Panel Back
Use mortise-and-tenon joints to make a frame that holds a simple, flat back panel.

Quick and Easy Drawers 

PART FIVE: Quick and Easy Drawers
This episode covers the assembly-line part of the project. Learn how to cut tongue-and-groove joints that let you assemble sturdy drawers in short order.

Make a Shaker Peg Board

PART SIX: Make a Shaker Peg Board
The Shakers used wall-mounted pegs to hold many things, including cabinets like this. In this episode, learn how to make a modern-day peg board.

Dovetail Drawers

PART SEVEN: Introduction to Dovetails
The three segments in this part show you how to take the joinery to the next level.
Introduction: Tools, Techniques, Layout 
Laying Out and Cutting the Tails
Laying Out and Cutting the Pins

Cutting Half-Blind Dovetails

PART EIGHT: Introduction to Half-Blind Dovetails
Here, Gochnour begins the first of two lessons on how to cut half-blind dovetails.

Cutting Half-Blind Dovetails

PART NINE: Completing Half-Blind Dovetails
The conclusion of the lessons on dovetails. If you make one dovetailed drawer per day, by the time you've; finished the dozen drawers, you will have mastered the dovetail.

Clean-Up and Glue-Up 

PART TEN: Clean-up and Glue-Up

With all the parts cut and assembled dry, it's  time to glue up the drawers and the case and prepare to finish the project.

An Oil Finish for Cherry

PART ELEVEN: An Oil Finish for Cherry
In this final episode, Gochnour shows how to apply a finish that brings out the color and figure of the wood, but without leaving blotches.